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5 Cheap Business Ideas For Budding Entrepreneurs


62% of billionaires are self-made.

Now, they didn’t all start out with tons of capital in the bank, but they had to start with something.

The best business to start with little money (before you’ve worked hard and made it rich) is a cheap business.

Start small and work your way up to the top. Learn more about a few cheap business ideas you can use to get started.

Ideas for Starting a Cheap Business.

If you’re looking for micro-business ideas, you have several options to choose from. Depending on your budget and career goals, certain ideas may work for you. Other unique business ideas might simply pave the financial path for future startups.

1. Cleaning Service.

A cleaning service is an easy business to start. The initial cost is largely spent on cleaning supplies and equipment. There are just a few tips for starting a cleaning business you should consider first.

Mostly you want to think about how much ground you can cover as a single employee. You’ll also want to research competition in the area.

2. Landscaping or Lawncare.

Another cheap business to start is a basic lawn care service. You really only need a trimmer, lawnmower, and lots of time. Depending on how much capital you have to invest, you might not be able to break into more advanced services.

Lawncare is one of many micro-business ideas to break into for solo entrepreneurs, of all ages. Competition might be high, but word-of-mouth advertising and personal commitment are a free way to build up your business.

3. Virtual Assistant.

If you’re sick of working for someone else and are ready to start your own cheap business, consider becoming a virtual assistant. All you need are great people skills and a quiet area where you can work.

Previous experience as any sort of executive or administrative assistant is a great way to start with higher prices. If you’re new to remote work or being an assistant, build up your client list before you start charging high rates.

4. Sitting: Houses, Babies or Pets.

Housesitting, pet sitting, and babysitting are all great cheap business ideas. They require practically no start-up cost at all. Additionally, you really only need testimonials to prove your reliability.

The more work you do for any of these services, the faster your business will grow. As for micro-business ideas, sitting is a great source of reliable income for those of any age. It’s also flexible enough to juggle multiple unique business ideas.

5. Tutoring.

Another easy business to start is tutoring. You only need expertise in one subject, really. If you want to work remotely, you will need a basic computer or tablet with a webcam.

You’ll only need your knowledge and reference materials you paid for when you got your degree to really get started.

Let’s Get Down to Business.

Now that you have a few ways to start a cheap business, it’s time to capitalize on them. Determine which one is best for your career and business goals, and get working. If you need more information about becoming an entrepreneur, please reference our other content.