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5 Tips Before Investing In SEO


Should I invest in SEO as a startup?

It’s a hard question to answer. Among all the areas in a CEO’s roles and other decision-makers that talks about investing in the SEO business.

You always ask about stuff like; ”How to protect your revenue?” Or “How long does it take to get the results?”, still investing in something is a bit risky, but you’ll never know the outcome if you won’t try.

If you’re a newbie, you need to read and understand carefully the terms of investment you’re into. Getting the wrong SEO agency to invest in might not just harm your business, but it will totally make your dream crash down.

It hurts right?

But are you going to let that happen? Like what I said it’s risky, but if you are a real investor you’re ready to face anything along the process.

Every investment has its unique way to start and search engine optimization (SEO) is not just a system, but it’s the greatest investment that you can bring towards your company.

Bringing together the reason why you should invest in SEO as a startup, you’ll be amazed at its outcome.

But how would it benefit you as a beginner?

Here are some that you need to know about the ​5 tips before investing in SEO​.

Considering SEO as an Investment.

SEO is considered one of the most important marketing platforms that makes your business traffic leads to convert into sales.

Hence, it’s your decision to make if you want to get a better chance to succeed with your business. If you’re driven to do so, you can try these tips we have provided below.

1.​ ​Know What Your Audience Wants.

Running a business is fulfilling. On one end, you’re also making money just doing what you love the most.

Sure it’s rewarding, but it would be great if you know that you’re making a difference to your clients – by providing them with convenience and valuing their wants.

Making sure that they are satisfied with the product or services that you provided is the first thing that you must do.

If you’re a good business owner, you’ll always serve people as they should be served.

Thus, creating a strategy to get your clients’ attention at the same time learning what they want makes you one step ahead of your business goals.

2. Keyword Search.

Top rankings are the highpoint of every online business success.

Your search engine keyword choice is the keyword and phrase that makes it possible for individuals to find you on-site via search engines. A website that is made for you that is optimized well for your potential visitors.

In other words, you need to find the secret behind how people look for products, services, or even information that your business offers.

Find a keyword that will help you rank on Google that is easy to find your business — otherwise, your potential visitors will land on other pages that are more accessible in the Google results.

Decide and implement an SEO keyword that will help you rank higher than your competitors.

3. Time Investment.

Time is your business’ most important asset. If you have money to invest, why keep yourself to make higher gains? Probably the time.

According to James Royal who writes from Nerdwallet he said that the length of time in the market is the best predictor of your total business performance. Here’s why.

There’s no such thing as timing. Note that timing the market is not always the best time to buy or sell your products or services.

In fact, it is a terrible way to try keeping your money, that probably you can lose it just like that. I do believe in luck but comes with it, of course, your hard work.

Why does SEO really take time? Here’s why:

This might be one of your frustrating questions in mind.

While your clients want a complete answer right away, but simply you have no idea how to provide it with no follow-up questions.

Hence, it is because your variable that plays the role in your website of your own is in need to be comprehended and evaluated with the same variables and efforts that your competitors have.

I hate to say it, but in SEO there are no shortcuts at all. Your expectation to get on top in such a small amount of time is totally impossible, knowing that the effects of the best SEO you invest in really take time.

Truly, it will be worthwhile through the process. Just have patience and trust to its extent.

4. Ask The Right Questions.

Most of the time, you separate yourself from your competitors by approaching your clients with the best presentation and determination to solve their problems — opposing them to fit the problem in your predetermined solutions.

That assumption you made in mind includes investing in SEO, which is essentially the platform to move your website search to the first page or even ranking as the number.

Make sure you ask direct and simple questions, with that the candidate will provide you the fit information.

A. Hiring Someone In-house.

A good ​SEO agency will be completely transparent to list down all the details that can provide for you. With that they are not scared to introduce each method that they think can help your business in the long run.

Bear in mind that there are lots of scammers out there, Watch out! Don’t let them fill you.

Hence, services provided from them must evolve through the process of the contract that both parties agreed on.

Don’t be afraid to ask quarries of hours of assets they will provide each time frame on the strategy they’re proposing to you.

B. Freelance.

“Why hire a freelancer?” And “It Would better to hire a bigger agency than them? “


But I think we should not underestimate the capacity of freelancers. We often assume that they can’t find a job. That might be true sometime. We don’t know, maybe they do it because they like it.

Outsourcing your decision can be risky sometimes, particularly if it involves a variety of choices, on the method of scoring your success and your budget.

To minimize the risk to hire a wrong person you must ask questions and get the right information.

You can start asking freelancers about what kind of campaigns he/she handles before, what’s the highest budget he/she manages, and ask them to show and present examples.

Therefore, you’ll know if the candidate has what it takes to drive success in your company.

C. Agency.

The same goes for agencies. Time is money, right? Instead of teaching your new hire to operate the tools needed in your company, you are just losing it.

Full understanding is the key to optimize your marketing flow and practices. You need to make sure that your new hire knows what they are doing.

To ensure the best possible results of the campaign for your business.

Bonus tips for you, if these individuals have a chance to review all your past reports before working together, they might be able to assess you properly in your future campaigns.

Thus, give them the chance to prove whether they can make your campaign better or not.

5. Revenue Forecast.

If there’s one that is generally recognized, that SEO results are unpredictable.

However, as more investment you make into a channel of your business, it also increases the pressure and the value. Customarily, it means setting your targets and being accountable whatever goal you hit or not.

But this shouldn’t be the main issue. As long as you continue growing in popularity it means your investment is turning great.

You can also use The Bottoms-up SEO Calculator. Here’s how to do it:

With the use of Excel, you can start creating outlining your revenue forecast. Understand well the general rule of thumb, that is to take the total impressions and multiply it by 50%.

In the industry, SEOs say 50% of searches lead to a click. Insert the keywords you can hold the SEO agency accountable for the first six months or however long your contract is.

When you project that outnumbered, have a gut feeling of how many months it will take to hit the number.

Then, you can start to grab the organic traffic conversion rate in Google analytics. Next, Multiply the monthly projection total by the organic conversion rate in Google analytics.

When you multiply it, it must give you the number of purchases, form fills, or transactions.

Finally, think about the average order value or AOV. Of your last 100 customers, on average, what is their monthly total? and study well each area of the value you made.


Hopefully these 5 tips will enlighten your mind to invest and give your business the chance to grow.

Everything has its disadvantages, but letting fear rise up within your passion and goals in life will surely distract your business in the long run. Have a positive mindset, enhance your capabilities, have room for growth, and never let your fear deem your success.