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How To Become A Reseller On Instagram


From simply being storage for life’s memorable moments, Instagram has become a medium for business. Building your business on Instagram can be done even without spending a dime.

Worry no more even when Instagram ads cost money. Word-of-mouth features on the app help you earn without having to spend your hard-earned cash.

Read on and discover the ways to kickstart your reselling business.

1. Choose a category that sells.

Since Instagram is about aesthetics, think of a business idea with a strong visual identity. The most popular products and/or services to choose from are here but not limited to Apparel, Accessories, Beauty products, Food & beverages, Home goods & decor, Outdoor & sporting goods, and Auto. The digital ones include LUTs, presets, graphic design, fonts, and typefaces while other successful categories are electronics, online courses, and services.

Even when your product and/or service was not mentioned above, it is still fine as long as you have the passion to push through with what you are selling. You can also narrow your niche to sell your product for a specific audience (i.e., “Plus size tops for women” instead of “Dress”).

2. Switch to a business profile.

The second step before starting to resell is to change your standard Instagram profile to a business profile. Doing this will give you access to selling and reporting options. Make it known to the public the moment they visit your profile.

You will find the metrics such as profile visits, website clicks, post reach as well as impressions under the Activity tab. Meanwhile, you can head on to the Content tab for further details on the said data. Your followers’ locations, ages, genders, and the time that they are most active can be tracked in the Audience tab.

To make it easier for people to reach your business, there will be a call-to-action button under your bio found at the top of your profile. You can now add links to your Instagram stories for conveniently directing your audience to land on your website (if any). You can connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook business page as well.

3. Create great content.

Producing engaging content is an indirect way of selling that still builds your business’ identity. Your brand’s message is reflected in posting quality photos and/or videos as well as creating an appealing Instagram bio. Aside from this step to get you more followers and post reach & engagement that will lead to sales, it would not hurt to stay in touch with your audience by responding to their questions, comments, and complaints.

4. Use the Shopping feature.

Providing prices and product details, this new feature lets businesses have an immersive storefront for directly tagging up to 5 of their best products in their posts. For a better shopping experience, customers can explore more of your products with just a single tap. This can be set up by having an e-store, your Facebook channel must be integrated into the store, and having an approved Facebook shop.

5. Collaborate with influencers.

Customers do not trust traditional advertising that much now compared to believing in real people. As the trend goes, reach out to influencers with a strong social media presence to represent your product and/or services. They can target your specific audience, build a good reputation to consumers for boosting sales, and you can opt to have an ex-deal for promoting your goods.

6. Use hashtags.

Knowing that hashtag is king, this is a mandatory step to make your account visible to users who are interested in your products and/or services. You can use a branded hashtag to be included in your bio so your users can use them, hitting two birds with one stone by also promoting your brand. Do not forget to include up to 30 of the most relevant hashtags. You can use the hashtag generator tools to get relevant hashtags to your post.


Establishing a consistent cycle is essential. Initial business success is great but having consistency is the key to continuously go on the path of becoming a reseller. To scale the business and make it grow, follow that process and see how your business becomes successful in no time.

If you have been considering reselling on Instagram for a while, now is the time to do that.