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How To Start And Grow Your Non-Profit Painting Center


Everyone needs a little art in his or her life. If your dream has been to marry your passion for painting and people, then you might be looking for the opportunity to build a non-profit painting center from the ground up. Starting a non-profit is a beautiful thing. You can make huge differences in the communities you work with, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. As long as you follow the rules of operating a 501c3 and equip yourself with the resources and supplies you need, you’ll be able to get the ball rolling.

Here are steps to follow when starting and growing your non-profit painting center.

Make it legitimate.

In order to run a real nonprofit, you’ll need to fill out all of the necessary paperwork to make it legitimate. Taking the time to do so is actually very beneficial, considering that having a 501c3 status comes with benefits like federal tax exemption. Other perks vary from state to state, like being able to write off necessary supplies for your organization. You may even qualify for bulk rate postage discounts from the Post Office when you do large mail-outs. There are rules you have to follow in order to maintain your status, so make sure to talk to a lawyer who specializes in non-profit law as you work to establish yourself.

Paint your dreams!

In order to run a successful non-profit painting center, you’re going to need paints, brushes, artwork to decorate your communal space, and lots of ideas. Look no further than PaintLoose for all of these needs. In order to create a masterpiece, there are a lot of supplies you’ll need to get started. This includes canvases, an array of acrylic paint colors, sponges, brushes, palates, knives, and easels. On PaintLoose, you can easily find a complete acrylic paint set that will have everything an individual could possibly need. You’re just one purchase away from having a great start.

You have so much on your mind while trying to get your business off of the ground, that the last thing you want to have to worry about is lesson planning. PaintLoose offers a variety of DIY project ideas from beginner to advanced to spark your inspiration. For kid’s classes, consider using the leaf painting project, and for adult classes, take an exciting, guided dive into creating abstract art. These wonderful projects are lead by Amy VanHoy. Allow her to help you spice up your lessons before you bring them into your own classroom. If you really like what you see, you can also buy and commission art from Amy VanHoy through PaintLoose.

Get the word out!

Your paint center is sure to have a following, and as the leader of the organization, you’ll need to juggle communication with not only your employees but also your supporters. Once you start building a group of repeat students, you’ll want to be able to reach out to them via text message. Using a peer to peer texting service can save you a lot of time and really help you get the word out.

If this interests you, you should consider using Peerly; they’re a leading provider of this kind of service. You can send out an overall reminder about a fundraiser that your center is holding, and then use one-on-one texting conversations between your nonprofit’s supporters to help you delegate responsibilities for the event via SMS messaging. You can even use Peerly to conduct surveys about what your clients thought about classes. Need to solicit donations? Peerly will help you do it. Just send out a quick, simple message, and see all the support come in for your organization.