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Criminal Defense – Why You Need To Be Honest With Your Attorney


Criminal charges are surely not good news for anyone and if you face them, you should see a defense attorney sooner rather than later. Obviously, they would have a set of questions right in the first meeting. They would also expect you to give them every detail of the event so that they can start working on the case. Certainly, you would have some concerns as well. Should you disclose everything to your criminal defense lawyer? Or does it make sense to conceal certain facts?

There is no clear cut answer and a lot depends on the facts like whether you are guilty and if you trust the professional enough to tell them everything. Still, being honest with your lawyer is the best thing to do, just like you cannot expect a doctor to give you the right treatment unless they know what is ailing you. After all, you will have to place your faith in the attorney to save your life and reputation. Here are some good reasons to be honest with them about the incident.

Honest information will help them formulate the best strategy.

The single most important reason to disclose accurate and true information is that they absolutely need it to have the best defense strategy in place. And this can make all the difference to saving you from jail. Without complete knowledge of facts and details, you end up leaving the lawyer at risk to be surprised in the courtroom. This can jeopardize your case and even push you towards conviction.

The whole story empowers them to negotiate better.

When you are implicated for a criminal charge, pleading guilty may sometimes be your best bet. In such a case, your defense lawyer can negotiate to get the sentence lessened or even have some charges dropped. However, this is possible only if they know the whole story from the start to the end, down to every detail. You cannot expect them to negotiate when there are skeletons popping out of the closet unexpectedly!

They see the law from a different perspective.

What if you feel that you are guilty but legally you aren’t! Your defense attorney knows criminal law inside out and may be able to see the entire case from a different perspective. For example, hiring the most experienced criminal defense lawyer near Anchorage Alaska gives you access to this perspective, which can actually get you out of the fix. Seasoned professionals can use even the smallest detail to give a new twist to your case and even prove you innocent.

Don’t expect the lawyer to judge you.

For a criminal defense lawyer, saving the client is their responsibility, regardless of the fact whether they are guilty or innocent. They work in your best interest and are not there to judge you. People often end up concealing details and important pieces of information because they are apprehensive about being judged. This is the last thing you should as being judgemental is something a professional would never do.

The relationship is governed by an attorney-client privilege.

If you think that the professional would share any piece of information you give with others, you are absolutely mistaken. Anything that happens inside their chamber stays there because your relationship with them is governed by an attorney-client privilege. Even if you have committed a crime or are charged with one, you must go ahead and be honest while sharing facts with the lawyer. They will never break this privilege, unless you state an intention of committing a crime or fraudulent act further.

Being honest can save you.

Without a shadow of a doubt, there are immense advantages of being honest and truthful with your defense lawyer. True facts are often the foundation of a strong defense case and can save you as the attorney could protect you even when you are guilty. Here are the options they can open for you:

  • Defend you on lesser crimes you have been charged for
  • Negotiate if the prosecution offers a deal for an unfair plea
  • Help you to secure a smaller or preferable sentence

Even if you feel confused or apprehensive about being honest with your lawyer, you must remember that their core commitment is to save you, regardless of the situation. When you meet the professional for the first time, consider carrying all the details along in writing so that you don’t miss out on anything. While they may want you to answer some questions, there are times when they may not want to have some parts of the story. For a legal professional, saving you is what really matters and they won’t be interested in anything that is not relevant to the case.