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Build Your IT Career On An ITIL Foundation


To run things evenly, practically every business pins their hopes on a team of IT professionals. The best way is to build your IT career on an ITIL foundation. It is perfect for you if you are willing to make your career in the IT service management sector.

About the same, IT services are in other words, IT activities. The ones, that achieve business advantage to a company’s clients and other internal or external stakeholders.

ITIL explains numerous processes, tasks, and checklists. These are the ones which are not certain to the organization. The organization can implement these standards for initiating the integration.

That too, accompanying the organization’s strategy, the delivering value, as well as maintaining the slightest level of ability. These days, ITIL is executed in an assorted range of industries such as healthcare and higher education.

What is the ITIL Foundation?

ITIL refers to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Overall, ITIL is an assortment of pieces of training for IT service management. Its major motive is to focus on the coordinating IT services accompanied by the requirements of the business.

It was first developed by the United Kingdom CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency. Though, in the beginning, it was narrow, today it is revised and expanded. ITIL is now a general framework to manage IT service delivery in several companies and organizations.

That too, beyond all industries and market sectors. ITIL is ideal for seeking ways to upgrade the quality of IT service management within an organization. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or knowledgeable in the field of IT. The ITIL brings out the best from you.

ITIL foundation plays a vital role in the career growth of an organization. Thus, along with the organizations, even the start-ups are opting for ITIL foundation. Hence, they are accomplishing better results in business.

 Why build your IT career on an ITIL Foundation?

Companies can secure that their services are being fulfilled as per a set of uniform, well-defined processes that consolidate best practices and processes. Appearing in an expected level of service for all the users. The advantages of ITIL suggest diminished cost of service development and deployment. Additionally, developed customer satisfaction beside service delivery, and a bunch more.

Therefore, to build your IT career on an ITIL Foundation is a great way to explore and enhance the business. No doubts, it is an advantageous foundation. Ideal to aspire IT Professionals if they’re aiming to build a career in IT.

Advantages of building your IT career on an ITIL foundation.

There are several organizations which are adopting ITIL Certification. Since there are several advantages for the same. Overall, with the help of ITIL, organizations professionally approach service delivery. Thus, their customers tend to be more satisfied.

Moreover, there is considerable growth in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Thus, the ITIL framework is used globally and is in demand. Apart from these, below mentioned are some direct advantages if you build your IT career on an ITIL foundation:

  • Practical Management.

ITIL certified representatives can automate usual tasks and implement most suitable application principles to IT service management processes. Thus, develop the aptitude of the processes and tasks.

  • Customer Satisfaction.

The ITIL framework enables IT service management professionals for rendering service when and wherever required. As per the expectations and requirements of the clients.

  • Cost effectivity.

ITIL framework uses the demand and capacity management methods. These methods can render an optimal level of function and manage varying demands.

  • Progressed comprehension.

ITIL framework supports IT professionals, to recognise methods. In addition to prioritizing and maintaining service improvement opportunities for accomplishing the business requirements.

  • Proficient Change Management Team.

The ITIL framework comes up with a simple to understand information avenue. It plays a major role in announcing new and updated IT services.

ITIL Foundation Certification:

The basics of ITIL is covered by the ITIL foundation certification. If you’re new, this is where you’re going to start the procedure of learning ITIL and get certified. There are no particular requirements, anyone can appear for the exam with mere an interest in the field.

The ITIL framework is managed by Axelos, since July 2013. It accredits the pieces of training as well as the examination institutes. There are numerous organizations to train you and administrate examinations.

There are five distinct certification levels, offered by ITIL. They are:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Master


To build up your IT career in ITIL foundation is a great option. ITIL plays a major role in the career growth of an organization. There are several benefits of adopting ITIL to all the organizations. Numerous organizations have already opted ITIL and lead to greater heights.

Since many employers require professionals with an ITIL certification. Thus, it’s time to get trained and accomplish various opportunities.