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6 Reasons Live Chat Will Help You Grow Your Business


There’re two driving factors that make clients happy: a broad-ranging product line and impeccable customer service. Customers will patronize your brand if it’s a mix of those things. You can update your assortment non-stop, but even the savviest client may want to know more about shipping details, prices, etc. This is when live chat software for business comes into play. 

Firstly, a website chat is the fastest way to resolve users’ issues online. Secondly, its features go beyond real-time communication and include things like proactive messages, chat forms, and customer satisfaction surveys. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s walk you through a set of reasons why live chat for business may boost all things customer loyalty, sales, and other business challenges.

1. Live chat increases conversions.

Live chat for business websites is all about providing sought-after assistance and converting new customers. Usually, a user has an urgent question and a chat system allows an instant reply. It’s supported by the fact that more than 40% of clients think a real support agent can help them make a purchase with ease. As a result, users feel they’re treated with the highest respect, which leads to higher conversions and building stronger relationships with them. 

2. Live chat is time- and cost-efficient.

Compared to phone or email support, live chat provides a splendid opportunity to multitask. One help desk specialist can handle several chats and save time using canned responses and knowledge base articles. Since your staff is always there to assist with picking the most suitable item, you can increase the AOV (average order value) and reduce product returns.

3. Live chat ramps up lead generation and sales.

Let your prospects get in touch with your well-trained staff and ask about their coveted item before checkout instead of scrolling an FAQ page with haste. They’re likely to order more stuff from your website with online support. Thus, your visitors will have confidence in your business, which is also ideal for word-of-mouth marketing. 

4. Live chat helps collect client insights. 

The benefits of live chat software for businesses go way beyond sales. Get to know your users better with data delivered by your live chat system. Live chat tools collect user information like location, emails, time zone, and recent activity. They’re also very handy for gathering customer feedback in real time as well as via in-chat surveys. Having all this data on your hands and acting up on it proactively will help you improve customer success dramatically. 

5. Live chat is an advantage over competitors.

If you’re the first one to integrate a live chat system into your website, you can be on the leading edge in your niche. Take advantage of these valuable tips to make your online chat the best of the bunch:

  • Make sure your customer support team is well-versed in your product and website navigation. Come to think of it, troubleshooting isn’t the only thing you offer. 
  • Ensure that your staff is available when your customers need it. Keep an eye on the workload to see that every client gets high-quality assistance.
  • Use scripts to keep staff on message, but add personalization not to sound too mechanical.

6. Live chat provides in-app support.

Websites and online stores have been providing live chat support for years now, but SaaS companies are only starting to recognize its power. Nowadays, you can integrate live chat software with your own service or mobile app and provide timely help right there. If you have a built-in live chat feature, client engagement and retention are guaranteed. Delivering the best assistance to people on the go improves customer satisfaction and speeds your business growth. 

Bottom line.

Apparently, there’s more to live chat than just using it as yet another means of communication. An online support platform can become a lifesaver and bring your business to the next level. This must-have tool can increase brand preference and turn random visitors into your loyal customers.


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