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3 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep 


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In average does 46% of Danish people experience difficulty with sleep. This means that almost half of the danish population has trouble falling asleep. This is problematic, as better nights results in better living. If you do not get the required sleep, it can be difficult to be efficient at work, concentrating throughout the day and also have energy for your interests.

This is even more critical if you’re an entrepreneur and run your own business, because a lack of sleep can affect your performance at work and hence, your business. It is therefore important that you take your sleep seriously.

Here are three tips how to obtain the best night’s sleep and thus achieve an optimal week. 

1. Comfort with a capital C.

Many people underestimate, what a decent bed and quilt can do for your sleep. You should choose a bed, which fit your needs in terms of optimizing the quality of your sleep. Better nights gives you energy to get the most out of each and every day. There is an significant difference in which mattress, elevation bed or continental bed you choose, although you might not give it much thought. The right mattress is key in securing a good night’s sleep.

If you’re sharing your bed with a partner, you should come to terms with, which bed that fit your needs. It is as important to get a high quality quilt. A good quilt should be able to regulate depending on your body’s temperature, which should prevent you from awakening at night. Your sleep might be affected due to the temperature of the room, as you’re too hot or too cold. 

2. Turn off your screen.

Many have unfortunately gained the habit of being occupied with their phones right before bed. To check their mails, scroll through Facebook and read the news. You might be of the conviction, that it helps you relax. Although, much evidence suggests that the use of laptops and phones right before sleep causes sleep difficulties. In other words, is your electronic friend quite the sinner if you’re experiencing trouble sleeping. The light from your gadget tricks your brain in thinking, that it isn’t tired.

In addition, by checking your mails and the news are you stressing your brain, without even knowing. This causes a decrease of melatonin in your body, which is a sleeping hormone, that is necessary for your body to relax. Put your phone away an hour before bed and instead try to read in a good old fashion book, as it is a healthier way of calming you and your body. 

3. Get rid of coffee and sugar.

The evening coffee. We are all familiar with it. As for most, coffee is in high demand after a rough day at work. Although, it is quite the sinner. The caffeine within is what affects your body throughout the night, and thus your sleep. It is a great idea to build a habit of not drinking the caffeine packed drink.

Calming teas might do wonders as an alternative, which have the effect of helping you fall asleep. You could for example try to experiment with herbal tea, which have helped a lot of people who suffers with sleeping difficulties.