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Top 5 Easy To Start Online Businesses In 2020


Do you want to make the year 2020 a profitable online business year?

You are at the right place. You must be thinking about it every year, and you might get countless online business ideas in your head. You can easily travel the world, provide a comfortable life for your family, and escape from 9-5 boring life.

How can it be possible?

It’s possible if you will not resort back to your comfort zone after considering a lot of online business ideas.

We are here to help you to start your online business this year. You can also do online marketing of your business Rich Brooks podcast will help you to do so.

Below are some amazing online business ideas you can start with one.

1. Blog Monetization.

It’s easy to start your blog in 2020, and it’s a fantastic source for online income if you know how to monetize your blog. Always remember it’s not like that; you start a blog, and you will start earning money. You need to show consistency in content creation, and your content must be informative and entertaining for people.

Besides content, you can sell something on your blog; it could be products, sponsored products, e-books, and much more. Be aware of cybercrime and protect your business against cybercrime.

2. Publish Your Book on Amazon.

Do you want to write a book? But don’t know where to start?

With Amazon, you can easily self-publish a book and can earn from it. Many cheap guides can help you to write a book to generate consistent income.

Once you have done with writing, you can log in to your Amazon account, then under it, create a new title select “the kindle book.”

3. Earn Through YouTube.

You can become a YouTuber because videos are so famous these days. You can build a YouTube channel to generate more traffic. 2020 is an excellent time to start it. You can make videos on your favorite niche; it could be traveling, cooking exploring, and so on.

4. Become a Freelance Writer.

If you are passionate, write copywriting can be your ticket to earning a good income. There are many freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour, and freelancers where you can offer your writing services to international clients. You need to set up a good profile on one of these sites to get the desired income.

5. Earning Through Podcasts.

Podcasts are a great source of income these days.

When you grow your podcasts, you can start offering paid sponsorships and can sell your own products and services. With the help of your podcasts, you can win the trust of your listeners, and they can buy whatever you will sell.

6. Web Development.

If you are a good web developer, you can earn good money. Every next business person looks for a web developer to promote their business through a website. It can be time taking, but your hard work can pay you well.


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