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How To Start A Dog Boarding Business: A Step-By-Step Guide


Did you know that Americans spent about $95 billion on their pets last year?

Pets have become a part of our families and we spoil them and treat them like kids, sometimes even better. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of this and start a dog boarding business.

You can serve families and their pets by having a space that people can depend on. Read on to learn how you can start a dog boarding business.

1. Start with a Business Plan.

Your business always starts off with a business plan. You need to make sure that you have a profitable business from the start. You’ll also get a lay of the land and understand the competition.

As you write your business plan, you want to think of all of the possible ways your dog boarding business can make money.

For example, you can provide products such as CBD oil for dogs. You can give training classes and provide grooming services. You can also take these aspects of your business online, which will give you a broader audience and a steady stream of income if dog boarding slows down.

You also have to create financial spreadsheets for your business plan. These will tell you how much money you need to have to start your business and how much you’ll need to operate the business from month to month.

2. Find a Great Location.

Your location will be everything for clients. It needs to be close by and convenient for customers to get to. There also has to be enough space for dogs to run around and play in, both inside and outside.

You don’t want to rely on a huge outdoor space for play, because the weather may not always cooperate. You could end up with a lot of muddy dogs and unhappy owners.

3. Market Your Business.

How you market your business will determine whether or not your business succeeds or fails. There are countless ways to market your business.

Choose 3 ways and do them consistently. You might choose to promote your business on Instagram, networking, and search engine optimization (SEO).

No matter what marketing tactics you choose, you need to make sure that you provide value and are consistent.

In your Instagram posts, you can add value by talking about dog training tips and dog care tips. You can show great images of the dogs in your care (with the owner’s permission), and showcase the great things about your business.

Search optimization is necessary because you need to make sure people can find your business online and have a well-designed site to add credibility to your business.

Starting a Dog Boarding Business.

This is a great time to start a new business. People love their dogs, and they want to trust that their pets are in good hands while they’re on vacation or on a day trip.

Your business can give them peace of mind. Starting a dog boarding business does take planning, a great location, and marketing.

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