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Effective New Ways To Get Instagram Followers In 2020


Do you want to increase the followers of your company page on Instagram? And do you want to increase your following count as soon as possible then try using tool like Activeig to bring more likes, views, followers and comments.

In this article, we will show you ways to achieve your goal organically.

Borrow hashtags from competitors.

Why not use the hashtags of your competitors, consciously? Always keep an eye on your competitors on Instagram and especially the posts that have the most Instagram likes. Analyze them and try to do better than them!

Insert Instagram hashtags in comments.

Instagram works through this hashtag system, now you know it. In the description of the photo, you can post at most 30, but how many hashtags to use on Instagram to get more followers?

According to studies, the winning hashtag number is 11 and up!

We checked a bit on the net, and many statistics speak of at least nine tags per photo. There’s more: an excellent technique is to insert fifteen hashtags in the description of the picture and then self-comment on it by inserting other related hashtags.

Here we can take advantage of our marketing skills and insert “longtail hashtags” or all the related tags that could attract Instagrammers.

Publish a post every 3 hours for a boost effect.

If you want to become popular on Instagram, you will have to be constant and punctual.

Constant: it means that you will have to spend a lot, but a lot of time, on managing your Instagram profile. It is not possible to do otherwise, especially if you have a company profile, you must publish! Of course, do not imagine that the top of the list of the most followed profiles is 12 hours a day to post photos on their smartphone. Here we talk about a real business, a “new” profession. For those who have understood the potential of Instagram, the investment is more than rewarded, if you do not have time, schedule your posts.

Active on Instagram. According to Activeig the best way to increase the followers of your profile is to hit the like button on the content of others and, above all, to comment on the photos of others. Following a profile is not enough to be followed and certainly does not ensure a like or a comment. The best way to get many Instagram followers for free is to be super active on their profiles.

Having so many inactive followers on Instagram is useless.

Having so many followers on Instagram is useless. How? It is useless to have thousands of followers if you bought them from a site that sells them fake. It is illegal and also counterproductive. But even if all your followers were true, it would be of no use to have 10 thousand inactive ones. The only thing that matters is active followers. It is better to have 500 active than 10,000 disinterested.

There are only 43% of companies on Instagram interact with their followers. Interacting is the best way to forge effective and efficient (online) bonds because from a single active follower, more than a hundred can be gained, while from a hundred inactive followers, nothing is gained.

If you have many inactive followers, you will have to deal with the harsh reality for your posts; nobody will like your posts. So your popularity on Instagram will be as ephemeral as a stink in the high mountains.

Arouse emotions.

To catch the attention of followers and become popular on Instagram, you will have to catch the emotions of your followers and, above all, those who are not yet active or who is always latent.

The photo of a tender kitten melts the heart even to the most ruthless bank manager. But you will have to publish mostly your own photos. So try to evoke a feeling, an emotion, or at least explicitly indicate it in the tags and description.

Shoutout or Paid Shout.

It simply means “promote and get promoted.” On Instagram, you can advertise another account simply by quoting it in a post with the @ snail. You can create real collaborations, and once you find the right influencers, you can ask them to promote you. Obviously, everything has a price!

On the other hand, you want to do without it and automate this and other types of organic promotions, you need a BOT with which to increase your followers automatically but constantly.

Apply AIDA (Attention or Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) to your social strategy.

The last point is the most important of all. So take a deep breath because now it’s getting serious! The best way to become famous on Instagram and to have many followers is definitely to apply AIDA to your social strategy. If you’ve already read the book, you know what we are talking about.

Applying AIDA means proceeding by order having a very precise marketing plan. Briefly summarizing the essential points, it is necessary to start:

  • By choosing a precise personality: a good name and a nice photo are not enough, here we talk about style. Create your own unique style in photos, comments, and hashtags. Do you want to be nice? Well, always do it, to the bitter end, do not publish your sad or sad post, you would drop your followers!
  • Secondly, it is necessary to choose the target audience.
  • Finally, you must always be obvious in expressing your intent i.e., Call To Action.

An advanced technique to have more followers on Instagram.

Hide the Instagram hashtags included in the comments. This is a gem for experts: if you do not want too many blue hashtags to appear visibly in your comment, perhaps because you believe that many users may think of you: “here is another instaspammer,” you can use this technique.

Just take the whole list of hashtags you want to insert in the comment and copy them to a text editor, such as Notes on the Mac or Word on the PC. Enter before the hashtags five lines list with just one point for each, as well:

#Mothersday #mother #mom #happymothersday #motherhood etc.…

The game is done! Try it and let me know if it works!