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How Can Entrepreneurs Sleep More?


For an entrepreneur, sleep is something that often gets underestimated. It is so easy to end up being so busy that you simply forget about or cannot sleep. Also, many entrepreneurs actually see sleep as a time that is being wasted. You should never think like that because of the fact that if you do not sleep well every single night, you will eventually be faced with health problems. This can include the reduced cognitive function and even obesity.

When you launch a business, everything is exciting. You want to do as much as you can. If sleeping problems appear, you are tempted to believe that this is because you need a new mattress, when in reality, this might be the first symptom that your body desperately needs more sleep.

Generally speaking, if you feel tired when you wake up, it is highly possible that you need to sleep more. But how can you find time to sleep when there is so much to be done for the startup? Here are some tips to help you do exactly that.

Schedule Your Sleep.

As an entrepreneur, you are hopefully used to schedule everything, from weekly standups to vendor meetings. Then, why not also schedule your sleep? When you build your weekly schedule, put aside at least eight hours per night for sleeping. This helps you to avoid over-committing to business tasks and you get used to the fact that sleep is an important priority.

The fact is if you do not sleep well every single night, you will eventually be faced with health problems. This can include the reduced cognitive function and even obesity. You can check out this guide to learn more on sleep statistics.

Be Extremely Careful With Caffeine Intake.

For most entrepreneurs, coffee is a life-saver. It offers an energy boost that makes it easier to do more things every single day. However, it also makes you stay up more than you want during the night. This is especially the case in the event that you drink too much during the night or even during evenings.

Keep in mind that whenever you use caffeine as a way to get more energy, your body is telling you that it does not get enough sleep. You should seriously consider making a switch to water, herbal tea or even decaf coffee. At the same time, dehydration easily leads to daytime fatigue. When you drink too much coffee instead of water, dehydration can so easily appear.

Make Workouts A Priority.

When you regularly exercise, it becomes easier to fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed. At the same time, workouts are highly beneficial for your body. As with sleeping time, you should schedule your workouts. For the best results, try to do this at least 3 hours before you go to bed. This helps you to fall asleep faster.

Stay Consistent.

Whenever you deviate from the sleep schedule you set up, it is very difficult to catch up. You will simply find it a hassle to get back on the right track. This is why you have to be consistent. Your sleep schedule should be maintained even during weekends. When you do this, the body learns when it is time to go to sleep and it will be easier to rest.

Consider Meditation.

From a psychological point of view, whenever you meditate, the body enters a state that is similar to deep sleep. This is why so many entrepreneurs out there meditate. During a meditation session, vital signs go down, sometimes even lower than when sleeping. The body’s cells get to rest during the middle of the day, offering a much-needed boost of energy.

Keep in mind that not all the tips mentioned above will work in your case. It is important to try different approaches and see what works for you. Just do not underestimate the importance of sleep as an entrepreneur.