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Everything You Need To Know About Locksmith Career Options


If you believe the locksmith profession has more to do with the past than the future, then you couldn’t be more wrong! Smart locks and technological developments have made the profession even more challenging and offers endless opportunities for the younger generation to develop a career as a locksmith.

As a starting point, we still associate a locksmith with doors and keys. It’s a profession that attracts the curious mind, someone who likes to help others and fix things around the house. If this is you, and you don’t mind being a night owl, then there’s a big chance working as a locksmith is the right career path for you. If you add an interest for modern gadgets and smart home technologies then you have a perfect match.

Let’s take a look at the career options as a locksmith:

Locksmithing Job Outlook.

The profession is expected to gain more popularity in the upcoming years, as more people are expressing their concern about the security of their property. Accordingly, the job growth outlook is projected to grow by 12 percentile points, as long as more technicians specialize in advanced locksmithing techniques to match the rapidly changing needs of customers. They must also stay up to date with brand new smart technologies and security systems that are high in demand today.

Brief Locksmithing Job Description.

  • key duplication services
  • lock installation for all known types of locks, electronic and smart locks included
  • lock and security system upkeep and repairs
  • lockouts from cars, homes and commercial spaces
  • security assessments, master key plan creation and implementation
  • electronic alarm fitting

Common Work Settings.

You could end up working as an individual neighborhood locksmith providing weekend jobs or land a job for a nationwide locksmith company and start a genuine career in the industry. Real estate companies may hire you for re-keying or installing new locks on residential properties for sale. If you are passionate about the security industry in general, you could work for a security system company or another private business. You can also find jobs by being assigned to specialized online portals.

Job Safety.

While the job is a relatively safe one, it does involve a certain amount of risk, especially when asked to do a job in a bad neighborhood and a dangerous location.

All in all, if you are eager to help others, learn everything you need to know about the way locks work and offer your skills at all hours of the day, a job as a locksmith is probably just what you need.

How Much Does A Locksmith Make.

As a beginner, you can expect the minimum wage. Once they will accumulate more experience, their salary will increase, reaching more than $41,000 on average. Expect to work during the weekends, in night shifts or after regular work hours. This could round up the salary incomes. The size of the salary also depends on the location and the work environment. A lock technicians working in the aerospace industry will win more than one that is self-employed. If you live in New Jersey, Alaska or California, you can expect to earn a better living than locksmiths in other states.

Necessary Training And Education.

Locksmiths can be a part of an apprenticeship program and work under the attentive supervision of a professional locksmith or attend a vocational school, join a locksmith association or a community college and obtain a certificate.

When it comes to licensing, different US states have different work experience requirements, but most will ask a future locksmith to have at least one year of experience working for a locksmith service in order to obtain a license. It is also necessary for a locksmith to officially apply for the license, get their background fully checked and even submit their fingerprints.

To further improve their skills and accumulate more knowledge, locksmiths can also join the American Locksmith of America and obtain a certification as a Registered Locksmith, a Certified Master Locksmith, a Certified Registered Locksmith or a Certified Professional Locksmith. In order to qualify for any of these certifications, a technician must pass an exam with a score of at least 70%.

Joining a professional locksmithing organization in the state where you reside will also help you continue to further your education and benefit from group insurance benefits or legal representation on behalf of the association in case of a lawsuit. Plus, the chances of gaining more visibility and attract more customers as a locksmith for cars or homes will increase significantly once you will add the ALOA or other similar organization’s logo to your website.

Is the job for you?

A locksmith is usually described as someone who enjoys solving practical problems by disassembling and reassembling broken locks, making key copies and providing advanced assistance with security evaluations and alarm systems in the residential, commercial and automotive fields. Today the profession also requires an interest in modern electronic and technological developments as more and more people live in what is called “smart homes”. The job is practical more than theoretical and the job market is good. Many start off working for an established service provider and later become self employed as a local or specialized locksmith. Combined, the profession offers some really great career options with good financial stability.