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Is A Welding Career A Good Choice? Decide For Yourself Now


Everyone you know your age has a plan for their lives. It’s mapped out. They know exactly what’s going to happen.

And there you are, still wondering what to do.

You know the life you want, just not how to get there. Maybe the thought of staring at cubicle walls until the day you die fills you with revulsion and dread. That doesn’t have to be your fate though.

If you’re wondering what to do with yourself, a welding career might be just what you’re looking for to do something fulfilling and interesting to pay the bills while helping you avoid the monotony of an office job.

A Welding Career Doesn’t Require a Degree.

A prerequisite degree is a barrier to many of us in getting a large portion of the available jobs out there. But that’s not necessary with a welding job.

There is formal training available at vocational or technical schools for welding, but many of these programs are much shorter time commitments, some under a year in duration even. This makes a welding career one of only a few options for potentially earning a six-figure income without a college degree.

There is Demand for Welders.

With the current population of workers in nearly all trades industries getting older and closer to retirement, new welders are in demand.

With that said — like any profession — expect to make less at the start. If you can stick with it during that initial proving ground, you’ll have found yourself a lifelong career with plenty of room to grow and learn.

Welding Jobs Can be Flexible.

Opportunities are sometimes cyclical with a welding career, but many welders see this as a positive.

When working during industrial shutdowns, a welder might travel to dozens of facilities for half of the year. The upside: these guys have time — and are making enough money — to take the other six months off.

Room to Grow, Learn, and Travel with a Welding Job.

Not all welding work is governed by cycles of industrial shutdowns and time off. Skill in welding is prized in many industries and settings year-round, and opportunities for mobility and travel are certainly possible.

An experienced welder might find him- or herself bidding for independent projects as a self-employed contractor, and pay is especially good as you become more specialized. Underwater welding jobs can exceed 200k yearly in salary, and military and shipbuilding contexts require many skilled welders all around the world.

Fire Up the Torch.

If you’re looking for a lifelong job with great growth opportunities outside of an everyday office setting, then a welding career might just be for you.

If this all sounds appealing, decide today to look into getting your welding certificate. You’ll be able to build and contribute in tangible, meaningful ways to the community while making a higher wage than many of your friends who attended university.

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