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Methods Of Transaction In International Trade


It is very important to have the safest transactions in international trading. To be a successful trader you need to have appealing terms that attract audiences. The same thing goes with the trading business transaction. Getting full payment is what every trader desires. But that can only be achieved if the transaction routes are safe.

The most important part of the transaction is that it must be secure and all the transaction data are saved for future references.

With that being said, here is a list of transaction methods that you can use in trading.

Methods Of Transaction.

If we consider only the transaction option then there are ‘n’ number of options that one can take for the transaction. It solely depends on the person. But if we consider both the transaction and a secure path to go with that, then there are only a few methods that we can rely on.

1. Advance payment.

Advance payment is all about paying the foreign seller in advance. And the seller then can sell the goods in accordance with that. As the porter point of view, payment in advance is the least risky method for trading transactions. It provides them the security they need and helps them to avoid late payments. With the advance payments, you will be able to convince the porter to prioritize your work.

2. Letter of credit.

Letter of Credit (LC) is the most secure way out there for the international trading transaction. It is a commitment made by the bank on behalf of the buyer. This letter states that the payment is made on a timely basis as the sales are concerned. It is verified by the banks and documentation is made of the agreement.

The letter of credit secures the condition on both sides. If the sales are met, then the transaction is made on time. The foreign trader would not have to wait for the week for the transaction. And on the other hand, the dealer will be secure that they are obligated only if the sales are met.

3. Transaction from the account.

The most common method used for the transaction in the trading industries is the transaction done via bank accounts directly. It is a secure way of doing a transaction. The only drawback with this method is that every time you do an international transaction, there will be transaction charges you have to pay to the banks. What’s more, the transactions may take a couple of days before reaching the receiver.

4. Paying in virtual currency.

Virtual currencies have taken over the trading industries. Today many of the transactions are done with the help of the cryptocurrencies. It is not only the fastest way for the transaction, but it is also the safest way for the transaction. After the first appearance of this in 2009, virtual currencies have taken over the trading market. Out of every 10 transactions, 4 transactions are in the virtual currencies. One of the most used cryptocurrency is bitcoin. You can visit bitcoineras.com to start the transaction.

5. Consignments.

Consignments can be considered as opening an account where the trader deposits some money only after the sales requirements are met. You can consider this method as the contractual agreement between the traders and the seller in which the foreign seller receives the payment, maintains the stocks, and manages the sales. Well, you are right, it is a very risky way to be considered as a secure transaction. But this is all so that both of them do not betray each other for making extra profits.


The international trading market is a very vast field. A simple mistake can lead to a disastrous loss. So, you have to be very careful while dealing with international trade. Not only the trades but the transactions that come with trades are very important. You have to decide the best possible methods for the transaction as well.


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