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Key To Customer Satisfaction


Every company strives to sustain and improve their customer satisfaction levels. Ensuring that customer satisfaction levels are high wins over a customer’s loyalty for a longer period. The key to ensuring that customers are satisfied with the product or service a company offers is to measure it.

Customer satisfaction is the level of contentment customers get by doing business with a company. A content client feels a sense of loyalty towards the business. Trying to keep a hold of the existing clientele is less expensive than trying to get new ones. Aside from the expenses, increased customer retention can boost the profits of a company by up to 95%.

Different types of metrics are used to rate customer satisfaction. The contentment level is calculated by rating a company’s deliberately selected factors such as the perception of the company’s brand, shopping experience, quality of customer service, the performance of the product or service, etc.

Even with the calculation of the above factors, it can be confusing to figure out what exactly is making a company lose its customers. Taking the help of customer satisfaction survey companies can be very effective to find out a customer’s honest opinion.

A customer satisfaction process effectively starts with learning how content a customer is with the service or product of the company. A popular metric to determine this is the CSAT (customer satisfaction score) where the buyers are asked to rate their experience on a 1-5 scale with 5 indicating maximum contentment levels and 1 denoting the lowest. Close to 80% of organizations prefer using the CSAT metric. NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score), are other metrics used to determine customer satisfaction.

The objective of a survey is to receive reviews to later implement features that increase customer approval ratings. In today’s competitive digital market, organizations are intent on creating excellent customer interactions. Companies can also look to customer survey companies who have expertise in this domain.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Customer survey companies have different teams to attend to different aspects of the customer satisfaction process. Such companies also take into account a varied range of outsourced customer satisfaction surveys aspects like the relevant audience, designed questions, and built guidelines as requested by the company.

Call center customer satisfaction survey questions tend to have a more relevant approach towards the customers based on the nature of the request of the client. Outsourced third party survey companies also have more of an idea as to the kind of questions that should be asked.

What kind of questions should be asked?

The quality of the questions asked is the difference between a good survey and a bad one. Survey companies have the necessary expertise to ask relevant and useful questions which leads to an increase in the satisfaction process. Here are a few pointers –

  1. Customers should be asked questions worded objectively without it leaning towards any bias.
  2. Respondents of all sorts should be kept in mind when framing a questionnaire to prevent the framing of a loaded question.
  3. A single question should not have two subjects as it can be hard to know on which basis the respondent is answering.
  4. Instead of absolutes, specifics should be used to frame a question so that the respondent is comfortable answering with the choices provided.
  5. The language used in the questionnaire should be simple and uncomplicated.

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