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One Way To Make Your House Look New Again


Does the facade of your house need a change? Then begin your journey to a more gorgeous house today with a tile cleanse from Dansk Fliserens today, where you are offered a free trial-cleanse and a guaranteed great result afterwards, if you choose to get your tiles cleaned at Dansk Fliserens.

Help for outside maintenance.

If your non-existing competences in cleansing of tiles are making you reconsider if tiles even need cleaning in the first place, then fear not.

At Dansk Fliserens they come to you and they clean your tiles for you. You only have to enjoy the end result. At Dansk Fliserens they believe that young men creates a much better service when it comes to tile cleansing and therefore they want to help you, when you have to get your tiles cleaned.

The benefits of a tile cleanse.

Not only does a tile cleanse give your house a brand new look, but there are also other benefits, when you choose to get a tile cleanse. By cleaning your tiles with impregnation it is possible to add a securing layer that makes them more resistant to tileplauge, algies and similar conditions. A tile cleanse makes them resistant to all of the problems by being in the outdoors. Besides that, the tiles get water resistant and therefore they become more resilient to dirt. And in the end the impregnation refreshes the original colour of the tile, making it look brand new. 

Tile cleansing – step by step.

Here is guide that provides you with information as to how Dansk Fliserens clean you tiles. This guide contains the entire process, all the way from when you order the tile cleanse to the end result: 

1. Free tile cleanse and measurement.

When you order an appointment for a tile cleanse there is a measuring and an eventual test cleansing. This is to get an overview of the task ahead, and how the job can be done in the most optimal way to get the best result. 

2. The cleanse itself.

Hereafter there is deepening cleanse of the tiles. Tile by tile they are cleansed of dirt, algaes, dust and other things. In this way you are guaranteed the most optimal look for your tiles.

3. Overlooked spots and another cleanse.

After the first cleanse, the tiles are then checked again for eventual spots and other that did not get removed the first time around. Are there spots to find, the tiles have to be cleansed again to remove the last residue. If there are no spots the work continues to the following step. 

4. Algae Treatment.

Then it is time for an algae treatment. This treatment can be used on all types of tiles, and therefore you do not have to worry about the aftermath of the procedure. This treatment is beneficial for the tiles lifespan and quality expression. 

5. Impregnation.

The fifth step is the impregnation of the area, where the tiles have to be cleansed. This is to ensure the best result. An impregnation makes sure that you tiles last longer and prevent algaes. 

6. Quality check and clean-up.

Now your tiles are finished. before the last treatment of you tiles, there is quality check that makes sure that there are no important elements that have been overlooked. Then the area is tidied up. 

7. Excellent service and a 15 year guarantee.

At Dansk Fliserens you are guaranteed a great service. Besides that you are offered a 15 year guarantee on a tile cleanse against tile plague and algae growth. Make your appointment today.


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