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3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Professional Photos


If you are a business owner or manager, you certainly have put some thought into the way your business presents itself. This could be as simple as painting your storefront or making sure that all of your employees stick to a dress code, but sometimes presentation can go further than that.

Having professional photos done of your team, individual employees, and even of your office space can greatly impact the success of your business. If you are on the fence about whether or not to bite the bullet and hire a professional photographer to get some high-quality photos done, here are three reasons to do so.

1. It Helps Potential Customers or Clients Get to Know You.

Most business websites these days have a “Meet Our Staff” page with individual photos of team members or even small bios and contact information. However, it can make a huge difference if your staff page is populated by professional looking and consistent photos rather than any old cell phone shot.

Putting faces to names can make customers feel more at ease about choosing your business for their needs, as well. Additionally, anyone coming into your place of business for a meeting or visit will know exactly who they are looking for and can feel confident when they arrive. Show off your business’s personality by integrating these headshots wherever you can.

2. Pictures Make Branding Easy.

Having professional photos made is an easy way to work toward branding your business. Having consistent and high-quality images across all your promotional materials and on your website is a great way to develop your brand and become recognizable to potential customers or clients. Ride Digital, a marketing agency in Kansas City, suggests that strong web design and graphic design can help develop your brand voice and show off your business’s story.

Their content marketing team can also help you with search engine optimization so that those beautiful professional photos are sure to be seen by anyone scrolling through their search results for a given keyword. Even if you have a small business, your company still has a unique story and point of view that you can show off with strong digital marketing and web design.

3. Photos Are Versatile in Use.

Beyond use in web development, professional photos are versatile and can be used across platforms, including on social media accounts. If your business’s social media looks lacking, it is important that you spruce it up and develop a social media marketing strategy, including the use of photo assets. If you are worried about keeping all your photos organized across social media services, mobile devices, and your computer, you may be in the market for a smart photo manager.

Ibi made by Sandisk is a new media that helps businesses and individuals stay organized when it comes to their photos. Instead of keeping your photos on USB flash drives, in Dropbox, or on Google Drive, Ibi has an Ibi app that makes it easy to keep and share photos across platforms including social media and even your personal inner circle. Having a photo manager like Ibi that utilizes cloud service technology will make your media planning and digital marketing a breeze. So meet Ibi, your own personal creative agency.

Being a business owner can be overwhelming what with staffing, product, and customer service to worry about. Branding and imagery should be one thing that you do not need to stress over. So invest in some professionally branded and consistent photos from a digital marketing agency to make your public relations, social network branding, and SEO tasks easier.

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