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The Skinny On Timothy Sykes And His Trading Program


From the get go, it’s important to understand that the Timothy Sykes ‘Challenge’ is not a 5-minute trading lesson on how to get rich quick. On the contrary, the getting started process is a comprehensive, detailed, and intensive 12-month course that teaches you everything you need to know about gearing up for success. The Tim Challenge begins in earnest with a 60 minute video introductory course. Timothy Sykes does not host the introductory course – graduates of his program do.

The trading world is full of self-professed experts who claim to transform your fortunes if you buy their course material; this is not the case with Timothy Sykes. You’re effectively paying for an in-depth education into all aspects of the trading arena. Among the many components of the Tim Challenge are concepts such as open trades, closed trades, important industry terminology, commentary, stopwatch lists, video tutorials, webinars, pennystocking Silver and special alerts.

This Timothy Sykes review lays it all out for you – no holds barred. Read on for what you can expect and whether this course will work for you.

What Is Included in the Trading Syllabus?

The syllabus is all-encompassing. It takes about a month to go through the broad framework of the challenge, as you prepare yourself to enter a brand-new world of trading opportunities. The DVD library syllabus is the most interactive way to participate in your learning sessions. There are 14 DVDs to help build a sound foundation in trading. These DVDs cover most every aspect of what is needed to succeed in your class schedule. Since Timothy Sykes emphasizes Penny Stocks Trading, this forms the thrust of the DVD syllabus, but there is so much more available in the course material.

Among the many topics that you will encounter include Pennystocking, Pennystocking Part Duex, new rules of Pennystocking, Tim fundamentals of Part Deux, Trading Tickers, Tim Tactics, Pennystocking Framework, Learn Level 2, Shortstocking, Read SEC Fipngs, TIMline, TIMdictators, Tim Raw, and Spikeability. As you begin your journey through this detail-oriented syllabus, you quickly learn that this is an education that you are investing in – not some trick or strategy. There is no ‘secret’ to success with the program; it is an exercise, or rather a series of exercises into a highly complicated world of financial trading which you must participate in.

Much of the activity on the Timothy Sykes trading program takes place via the chat room where you communicate with other traders just like yourself. There are rules and etiquette to follow, and these are especially important if you’re going to get the most out of your trading activity. Other useful resources available to you include a series of webinars. A calendar of upcoming webinars is posted so that you can structure your learning process effectively.

As you expect, there are important contacts for you to reach out to in the event of any questions, queries, or issues that arise. Support options are provided for general questions, stock trading, Tim and Joel Sykes, and others. These are especially useful because you will encounter topics that are challenging throughout your learning curve. The trading experts and in-house professionals are highly attentive to your needs and endeavor to respond promptly to all communications.

This Is Truly a Challenge That Determined Traders Can Complete.

As you begin this challenge, and it really is a challenge, you will find yourself bombarded with terminology that you’ve probably never heard about before. While many of us would rather cut to the chase, this is not possible because you need to understand markets before you can participate in them. There are scores (literally dozens) of video lessons for you to learn. Each one is valuable and each one provides information that you can use to enhance your profitability, and your success.

You may be wondering how people like Tim find pennystocks, or what types of indicators exist. Whatever you need information on, chances are good that it’s covered in detail. The trick is not to get overwhelmed with the course material. Fortunately, it is structured in such a way that you should find very little difficult to follow. Material has been carefully vetted to ensure that even a novice can follow it in a logical sequence. Be advised: this is not a quick little guide to becoming a financial success.

The whole process is extremely detail oriented. Over the course of several months, we participated in many detailed trading sessions, learning the intricacies of the Timothy Sykes trading program. You will find much of the material extraordinary. It is definitely geared towards anyone who loves a contrarian approach to financial independence. If you are looking for a fly-by-night system – this is not it. If you’re looking for a get rich quick strategy – this is not it.

In Summary.

Rather, what you’re looking at here is a structured and proven set of lessons for financial independence. It’s like taking a Harvard course in trading, but with actionable results that you can implement for your own success. Naturally, it won’t work if you don’t stick to the program, if you don’t ask questions, and if you don’t trade. You have to participate and to expect volatility to impact your trading outcomes. Not everyone becomes a millionaire, but the returns that you can generate with all the knowledge you will acquire over time will certainly be of tremendous benefit to you.


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