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5 Things Young Adults Should Have in Their Lives


Every person’s needs change as they age. Young adults are in the most significant transitional stage of their lives. There are some essentials every young adult should have in their life. Some of these things are things that are important to everyone.

Other essentials may not have mattered as much for children but will be more important now for those transitioning to adulthood.

1. Fashion Sense.

Children do not always make the best fashion choices. They may combine clashing styles or pick out impractical clothes that aren’t suitable for the weather or planned activities. For young adults, fashion isn’t simply something they’re more aware of. It’s a necessity. Dressing appropriately for job and college interviews can make a good impression. 

Young adults may also have after school responsibilities or transport themselves to and from school, which means dressing for the weather is also more important. Refer young adults to this guide to sweaters so that they can pick out clothes that are warm enough for the winter months that still fit their personal style. 

2. Life Experience.

Young adults may struggle to get a job because they do not have relevant skills or experience. Lack of exposure to careers can also make it hard for young adults to decide what to study in college. Young adults often struggle when they start college because they have no prior experience managing their schedules or handling a budget. Increase your teen’s independence and responsibilities as they get older. Volunteering experience will provide exposure to different types of work and develop skills that can help young adults get paying work. Craft and fitness classes can also be a way to develop skills and explore interests. An extra bonus is that engaging in hobbies is a good way to make friends with similar interests. 

3. Insurance.

When teenagers begin driving it is important that they have their own automobile insurance. Your coverage may not extend to all family members automatically so it is a good idea to check your policy and make sure they are insured. 16 and 17-year-olds have the highest number of motor vehicle accidents. Young adults are also vulnerable to other types of accidental injuries. Teenagers are more likely to die from an accident than any other cause of death. 

It’s important that you get a short term health insurance plan if you don’t have regular healthcare coverage to protect you from unexpected costs in the event of an emergency. Teens who have moved away to start college they may also need to have insurance when they return home for school breaks. 

4. Love And Support.

Young adults are more likely to struggle with anxiety and depression than ever before. More than 10% of children and teens have an anxiety disorder. Young adults are also struggling with body image issues. Another distinct concern for young adults is school shootings. School shootings were named as the cause of stress for 3 out of 4 teenagers experiencing stress. 

School safety concerns contribute to ongoing and recurring stress for 21% of teenagers. Having an adult available to listen and actually try to understand can make a crucial difference. Parents who make the effort to listen without judgment and be available will foster open communication and be able to identify challenges the young adult is facing. 

5. Trust.

Young adults are confronted with peer pressure and bad choices on a regular basis. Parents have a lot of valid reasons for concerns because young adults do not always make the best decisions. One way to prevent that is to build trust with your young adult child. Provide information about what to do in different situations so that they can manage the consequences or avoid the mistake altogether. 

Informing young adults and then allowing them to make their own decisions shows that you trust them. They will be more likely to make choices that they know you will approve of because they do not want to lose your trust and because you’ve taken the time to help them think things through.


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