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Essential Benefits Of Setting A Toll Free Business Number


A toll free number is one of the best assets that any business can ever have. As its name suggests, this means that clients looking to call your business can do so at any time of the day and wherever they may be without shelling out a dime. It’s totally free. This is mostly seen in hotlines, such as deliveries, bank customer service, etc. But, regardless of the industry you belong to, your business should have one.

Does your business now have a toll free number?  If you don’t, then you must have one. Else, you’re missing out on benefits like the following:

1. Makes Your Business Look Official.

One of the factors that can make your business stand out is the fact that it looks official. Clients will doubt your credibility less when they can feel that your business is operating legitimately. Among all other ways to create this feel, having a toll free number is one.

For a business to have a toll free phone number, they first have to register with the proper authorities. In doing this, it means they’ve got nothing to hide.

Come to think of it: Why is it that banks always have toll free numbers?  In an industry as important as the one to which they belong, they want their clients to trust them, and to give these people an assurance that they can reach them effortlessly should a need arise.The same applies to you regardless of what business you may have. With this added level of trustworthiness and officiality, you’re also able to better create your business into a trustworthy, household brand.

2. Improves Customer Satisfaction.

When your client has a concern, they’ll want this to be addressed immediately. They don’t have the time to call phone numbers that they can’t even reach. With a toll free number, they’re sure to be led directly to your business. With that being said, customer satisfaction improves simply because there’s someone available to take the call at any time. The faster and easier it is for your customers to have their needs addressed, the higher the chances that they’ll stay loyal. 

3. Enables Business Texts. 

Another reason why a toll free number is an asset for any business stems from its ability to let you send business texts. It’s like having a hotline or automated text sending system that provides services, like the following:

  • Call transferring
  • Texting
  • Call screening
  • Call forwarding

With this kind of business setup, it leads again to a higher ability to promptly address all the needs and concerns of your customers. Through the automated texting service, it’s also easier for your business to send updates at once. This is a convenient resource for your business to have.

4. Easier To Remember.

For regular clients, they’ll want to be able to remember your hotline with ease. Anytime they need to call you, they know immediately how to reach you. This provides them with a higher level of convenience as opposed to having to remember and memorize numbers from scratch. They don’t even have to search for your contact details anymore.

A toll free number can also work as a powerful marketing tool for your business. It can help you generate more sales when your phone line is a number that easily sticks to their mind. 

5. Broadens Your Exposure.

With a toll free number, you’ve got international coverage. This means that you can go way beyond what your local area code can give you. Because of the global coverage, your exposure broadens. This enables your business to reach potential clients even from other countries. It can also be possible that your client may have a problem or two, and they’re calling from another country. Despite the difference in codes, they can still reach you through your toll free number.

6. Creates A Stronger Invitation To Call. 

A toll free number further encourages old and new customers to call your line. With this, your inquiries are going to increase. In turn, it also means that your potential for growth and potential profits increase. Customers are invited to call and inquire more about your business for the very reason that they aren’t charged for the call. Whenever a call on the toll free number is made, the bill is charged to the business and not the caller. This creates the impression that your business is more welcoming and inviting to inquiries, as they’re enabling you now to call sans a phone bill. 


Toll free numbers can be dialed from telephones and mobile phones with no charge at all to the caller. This is very convenient for businesses to have. The benefits enumerated above should be more than enough to convince you that a toll free number is always worth having. It’s an asset that always proves to be worth the expense. In general, with a toll free number, the quality of your customer service is greatly enhanced.