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4 Ways Technology Can Revolutionize Your Conference Room


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The future of the corporate world is digital, diverse, creative and adaptable. To make it work, business owners have to try and make virtual connections seamless and simple for employees, vendors, and business partners.

Digitization does not diminish the need for f-2-f meetings. Similarly, the advancement in technology and systems does not mean one should rely on emails, skype, or cloud-based instant messaging programmes to build business relationships and earn accountability. To strengthen human relationships, you need to make eye contact and understand visual cues.

That said, using audio-video system integrators and high-end technologies to design a conference room is an essential part of building the future of work. It’s about creating a space that fosters creativity, facilitates collaboration, and promotes a happy work environment. 

On that note, let’s look at 4 ways technology can revolutionize your conference room, and boost the productivity of your employees.

1. Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Connection.

This is a must. 

The most important thing you need to transform your conference room is a solid Wi-Fi that comes with a secure connection. 

Nobody wants to experience dropped calls and pixelated videos to affect their crucial business meetings. This could tamper with your deals, frustrate your vendors, and demotivate your employees. So, talk to your IT department and ask them to replace the old hardware with the latest technology that money can buy. Even if your budget doesn’t allow up-gradation to the state-of-the-art technology, ask them to assess your current connections’ weakness and do the needful to ensure your Wi-Fi is easy for everyone to connect to.

2. Install The Right Audio-Video Equipment.

Audio-video quality is very critical to retaining viewers. If you have frequent video conferences, interactive sessions, and presentations in your conference room, you would know how important sound and visuals are for connective human experiences. 

Having said that, poor audio-video quality can result in a non-functional working environment. But, don’t fret, this problem has an easy fix. Buy quality audio-video equipment, and you are all sorted. 

NOTE: To determine the kind of equipment suitable for your workplace, you must consider the conference room’s decor. 

3. Invest In An Interactive Whiteboard.

Digitization has impacted the way we work. That said, it’s highly recommended to make use of advancements that the digital world offers. One such innovation is an interactive whiteboard.

Interactive whiteboards have now become a common addition in smart offices. So, if you don’t already have one, we’d suggest you invest in it.

This device comes handy, especially in national, international conferences and meetings when you have to brainstorm with people outside of your office premises. The shared digital space allows users to iterate innovative concepts and give life to those ideas.

4. Adopt A Wireless Presentation Solution.

The hard cable connections in a conference room often pose limitations establishing connections with laptops, mobiles, and tablets. What is the point of connecting work teams when the presenter always has to go through the trouble of finding the right dongle? I mean, the purpose of technology is to make things easier, not harder. 

You can simplify the process of content sharing (via electronic devices) by buying a wireless presentation system. These systems allow everyone in the conference room to connect their devices, and save time and efforts, otherwise wasted in looking for HDMI cables that fit. 

Beyond eliminating such limitations of sharing content, a wireless presentation system offers a ton of other features, that are:

  • Connecting multiple devices at a time.
  • Mirroring multiple screens at the projector.
  • Enabling interactions with people in different locations.

At The End.

Companies wanting to write the future of the corporate world must invest in technological solutions to maximize their in-person time. Technology can help them collaborate effectively and boost their revenue.

Someone has rightly said, “Technology is the wing, wherewith we fly to heaven.”