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How To Balance Self-Employment And Family


Coping with a family is always a challenge; throw in full time employment and it gets trickier. When that job is a self-employed one, things get even more complicated and time tends to be even tighter.

Continue reading for our advice on how to successfully balance your self-employment with family commitments.

Plan Ahead.

The first thing you should do every single working day is write down your top five priorities. What are the main things that you want to achieve during your working hours? Make sure that this is achievable. Of course, we would all love to complete our to do lists and work on other projects, but that is rarely possible. Being realistic about what you need to and can complete is vital. As with your family, knowing your commitments each and every day is important.

Having a weekly schedule can be really useful, whether online, in a shared calendar for you and your family members, or on a spare wall. If there are elements of your work that can be outsourced, consider employing the services of a virtual assistant; work smarter, not harder.

Be Flexible.

If your business allows it, we encourage flexibility when it comes to your working hours. This will enable you to make certain events at your child’s school or visiting your elderly parents in their senior living community. Furthermore, choosing your own working hours means that you can do what is best for you. While 9 to 5 is the norm within the majority of sectors, it does not work for everyone. If you are not a morning person, why not plan to start work at lunchtime and work well into the evening?

Have your own Space.

If you are managing your business from home, separating your workspace from your family life can be challenging. It is imperative to have your own area in which work is the only thing that happens. Explaining this clearly to your children is vital to ensure that you have both the privacy and time required. Of course, there are advantages to running your business from a separate location, but when it comes to family, being nearby in case of emergency is handy. Another bonus is the money you save from not needing to rent out another property in which to work.

Value your Free Time.

When you are able to find yourself some free time, do you see the fact that the lawn needs mowing and the bathroom needs cleaning? Do these tasks take priority over quality family time? It’s why you want to find, for example, the most efficient lawn mover – check out this guide from the unclutterer – that will help you to bring your lawn in perfect condition and save time for your family.​

Otherwise, consider the possibility of outsourcing some of your household tasks. If you are financially secure, employing the services of a gardener or a cleaner could really contribute to an effective work-life balance and your family would certainly appreciate you for that.

Consider your Wellbeing.

While you are making time for your family, do not neglect yourself. It is imperative that you are selfish from time to time and realise that you need to allow yourself space and time to take care of yourself properly. When we are busy, it is really easy to forget about eating a balanced diet and taking time out to exercise. However, these things are important not only for your physical wellbeing, but your mental health too.