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Tips For Targeting A Hyper-Local Audience


For small businesses, a lot of the time, their market doesn’t extend beyond the radius of the area they’re in. When that’s the case, you have to be more effective in everything you do — especially your marketing.

Because of technology, now small businesses are much more capable of reaching out and grabbing new customers. Your local market may not be teeming with a bustling population, but with a well-planned marketing strategy, you can grow your business. Continue reading to learn some tips for targeting a hyper-local audience.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage.

To be successful with any marketing campaign, you have to meet people where they’re at. That’s why TV and radio have commercials and magazines and newspapers have ads. Come to think of it, you’ve probably seen some commercials and ads on social media before, right?

One of the greatest marketing tools that you have on your side as a small business owner is social media. It gives you the opportunity to meet the people in your local area in a place where they already spend a great deal of time. If you’re social media savvy, then you can turn your business into one of the trending topics in the local area.

If you’re trying to target a hyper-local audience, then ask some of your friends on social media and loyal customers to help you in the effort. When you post something to your business’ social media page, get them to share and like your posts. The more people engage with your posts, the more Facebook will show your posts to other people in your network and in the area.

Also, you can put paid ads on Facebook that target people who live in your area even if they’re outside of your network. Social media ad campaigns are inexpensive compared to traditional means.

Use Artificial Intelligence To Your Advantage.

Have you ever gone to a store in a particular area and gotten an advertisement from that store or another nearby one on your smartphone? Isn’t it crazy how the internet just seems to know where you are and what you need? Well, it’s not magic—it’s AI.

Artificial intelligence is here, and it has revolutionized marketing forever. With AI, you can target consumers with a precision you never could have imagined.

One way in which it’s really shown itself to be a revolutionary tool is through geofencing marketing. Geofencing marketing targets people in any area you choose and sends ads for your products and services to their device. This software is able to target people within a set radius using zip codes, GPS, and even their designated market area. That means you can decide what products and services to market to people based on their geographic location as well as target people within a certain radius.

Always Fulfill Your Promises.

The most major part of any marketing campaign is that you fulfill your campaign promises. Customers hate when you suddenly run out of a product or you sell them something defective.

It’s kind of like when you see a commercial for a new burger and it looks like heaven on a bun on the commercial. The marketing campaign worked, and you’ve determined that you’re going to get one of those burgers the next time you’re near that particular fast food joint. Well, imagine going to get that burger and the restaurant is either out if or it looks nothing in person like it did in the commercial.

When your customers reward your ad campaign by coming to you for your products, you need to give them exactly what you advertised. You need to have eCommerce fulfillment services set up for your online buyers and a fully stocked inventory at your brick and mortar location. Your products need to be available and exactly what your marketing campaign declares they are.