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All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Trading Bots


The cryptocurrency market is an industry with round-the-clock trading activities in contrast to the stock market. This can pose stressful challenges for traders and investors alike, as they can wake up everyday to a pleasant or unpleasant price market movement. Due to the market volatility rate, most traders have resorted to the use of trading bots built on certain algorithms to control their trades at all times. This implies that such bots work 24/7 even when the trader is asleep. Also, the use of a competent bot allows a speedy and efficient execution of trades which exceeds that of a trader.

These bots are now available in their vast numbers to meet the demands of traders. They are either free from open-source platforms or offered to traders at affordable rates. However, the difficulty comes when trying to identify efficient bots with higher performance. To proceed, we need to know what trading bots are.

What Are Cryptocurrency Trading Bots?

Crypto trading bots are computer programs developed with algorithms that help a trader to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at a specified time, with the aim of generating profits. It is important to know that not all trading bots are efficient and profitable. The aim of these bots is to make significant profit while sticking to a risk money management plan. This is far more profitable compared to a trader buying a cryptocurrency and holding on to it.

With a trading bot, you can expect consistency in returns on investment. When compounded, the returns are significant with less risk.

How Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Work.

There are three functional parts to most sophisticated trading bots: The signal generator, risk allocation, and execution.

Signal Generator:

In order to generate trade signals, certain parameters must be inputted into the signal generator. With this, predictions can be made in the form of buy or sell signals. For a bot to be termed efficient, then it must work with fundamental and technical trading market analysis.

Risk Allocation:

With risk allocation, the bot executes the signals generated with a specified amount. This means that the total capital or a portion of it can be invested depending on the parameters that have been set. Also, an efficient bot uses an effective money risk management system.


At this point the bot executes the trade. Stop limits can be placed to minimize loss in case of a negative market trend. Also, a take profit indicator can be set to help the trader close a profitable deal once certain conditions are met.

These three parts need their own unique and functional algorithms processes applied to generate the best results. Any bot that does not meet these conditions is not worth your time and money.

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots.

  • Bots are able to work round-the-clock which improves efficiency as compared to that of humans. A trader would need to rest, sleep and accomplish other tasks.
  • These trading bots are able to operate at speeds far greater than that of humans. They have the  capacity to compute and execute trades at lightning speeds.
  • Trading bots are emotionless; which means that they are not driven by greed or fear. They work based on statistical data.
  • They are able to process large amounts of data per second which can not be done by any human.

Trading bots take the stress of analysing and trading the cryptocurrency market off a trader’s shoulders. If you wish to get an effective suitable trading bot, kindly check this link: Bitcoin Bot.