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Considerations When Starting A Profitable Window Cleaning Business


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On average, window cleaning technicians earn $33,622 per year, according to Glassdoor. Earning $50 per hour scrubbing windows is easy, right? After all, cleaning windows is all about water, soap and a sponge. If this is your perspective about the window washing business, you are mistaken. Cleaning windows requires skills, special equipment, and commitment, especially when you focus on washing skyscraper windows.

Nonetheless, if you don’t fear heights and love working outdoors, cleaning skyscraper windows is a lucrative business. Like any other business, the process of starting a window-washing business is exciting, but also stressful. First, you must determine your target customers: will you be cleaning windows for residential or commercial buildings, or both? The type of equipment required for high rise window cleaning will also have an impact on the success of your business.

So before you can start providing window washing services, make sure to consider the key factors of building a successful business.

Get the Right Training.

Although there is no specific course or certification recommended by OSHA, all window cleaners are required to undergo training. Enrolling in training is worthwhile in terms of money invested, and the skills gained. You will gain hands-on experience in efficiency, health, and safety standards. Most entrepreneurs in skyscraper window cleaning admit that rope access training is not mandatory.

However, they have enjoyed numerous benefits by spending a considerable amount of time and money in training, and they recommend anyone venturing in the business to get the right training. A website for a high rise window cleaning service provider notes that “from an outsider viewpoint, rope access can look like a dangerous occupation. However, a thorough training and assessment plan, as well as detailed IRATA guidelines, means the industry has an incredible safety record.”

Protect Your Business.

Insuring your business is necessary since your job will involve working at potentially dangerous heights.  With the right window cleaning insurance, you can rest assured of protection against financial loss in the event of injuries or property damage when an accident occurs on the job site. Besides protecting your business and customers against liability, insurance improves your credibility in the market. When you are insured, customers are more likely to agree on signing contracts with you.

Set Competitive Prices.

Without experience, pricing window washing services can be a challenge. You will need to acquire residential and commercial clients first and then create a bidding plan. The best bidding formula will help you earn an average of $80 per hour for residential window cleaning if you charge $4 to clean the in and outside window pane.

For commercial window washing services, you can charge less than $2 for each pane and a minimum rate of $25 for a trip, which can be less than twenty five minute drive. This tactic helps you increase your earning potential while keeping the interests of your clients in mind.

Don’t Overlook Marketing.

Advertising will help you reach potential clients in the competitive market, but to enjoy a high return on investment, you must implement the right business marketing strategies. You can start by distributing your business cards to close family, friends, and neighbors. The internet provides you with a variety of marketing options that are cost-effective and efficient.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube allow you the opportunity to reach a large demographic without investing a vast amount of cash. Other advertisement channels include blogging, paid search advertisement, and email marketing.


Owning a window-washing business can be fulfilling as long as you possess the required skills, use the right equipment, offer affordable prices, and have business coverage in place. Investing in effective communication and reliable transportation is an added advantage. You will attract many clients who are looking for reliable and affordable window cleaners.