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6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Not Helping Your Business


In today’s modern times, digital marketing is the most effective way of increasing ROI and pushing into the forefront of competition. Even so, when your business has done all it can to apply digital marketing to its overall scheme of things and you see little to no results, it’s only natural to ask why.

When your marketing results are less than stellar, it may be tempting to conclude that digital marketing just doesn’t work, but the reality is that there is more involved than you might realize. So, before you throw in the towel, let’s take a look at some facts about SEO in 2020 and why you’re not getting the kind of results you need.

1. Your Website May Not Be Optimized.

One of the most common reasons digital marketing fails is because it is directing people to a website that may not be ready for the traffic it receives. Digital marketing can only take you so far. If your marketing efforts send visitors on a site that they cannot connect with in a meaningful way, that they can trust, or deliver its message effectively they will end up going back to the search engine to find one that will. Before you spend another dollar on marketing, set aside some funds to get your website ready for what’s coming.

2. You Don’t Know How To Reach Your Customers.

Perhaps you’re not connecting with your customers because you don’t know them yet. Every marketing plan should start with understanding what their customers really want. When you are familiar with your target consumer, you know what kind of content will resonate well with them. People go on the internet to get their questions answered. Learn what questions your potential customers are asking and fill that need.

3. You Don’t Have A Strategy.

While digital marketing can be effective, it needs at least some direction. A common belief is that you can do a little of this or that and end up with a load of new business. You need to focus on a specific plan that will help you give direction to your marketing efforts. Random attempts here and there will just eat up any marketing funds without giving you any consistent results.

4. You’re Not Consistent.

Consistency is the key to digital marketing success. You need to have consistency when producing regular quality content that the consumer can relate to. You also need consistency in your relationship with your customers. They need to see you on a regular basis. Whether that be in an ad or a blog, your regular connection with them will help them to trust you even if they are not prepared to make a purchase. They can feel confident that you will be there when they are ready.

5. Your Team Is Not Qualified.

The problem may also lie in a digital marketing team that is not knowledgeable about how to direct qualified leads to you. Your team should consist of several people who are experienced in this type of marketing strategy. You should have a Digital Marketing Strategist, a Content Writer, and a qualified Designer at the very least. You also might want to consider hiring a Website Programmer, a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, a Digital Advertising Specialist, and a Social Media Specialist. A well heeled team will push your marketing strategy to the limit so you can extract everything you need from your visitors.

6. You Don’t Know Who Your Influencers Are.

Influencers are people that your potential customers can trust. They are needed to help you establish a relationship with them. These could include your customer’s friends, colleagues, and/or public figures. You can use these people to help you make the connection with those who are not familiar with you or your business yet. By delivering quality content through influencers you can persuade even more people to come to you.

It is easy to believe that digital marketing is not the best route to go. There have been many cases where money has been spent with few positive results, if any. However, when it is done right, it can bring you amazing returns that can really help your business to grow.