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6 Strategies For Attracting Customers From Day One


One of the biggest challenges that startups face is attracting customers early on. Brand awareness and reputation are crucial to success, but these are both developed over time which means that it is difficult to succeed early on – this is particularly true when you are operating in a competitive industry with household name brands. So, what can be done about this?

There are a few strategies to try which will hopefully help you to find success straight out of the gate and it will then become much easier to attract even more customers as your reputation and brand awareness improves.

1. Start Advertising Early.

Advertising early is important because it will help to create awareness and excitement about your brand. This means that people will know about your company and what you can provide from the moment that you launch so you do not have to wait for the word to get out.

2. Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is critical to success for any startup, as this is how you make people aware of your brand and start competing from day one. You should be using a variety of digital marketing techniques, including:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing

3. Be Eco-Friendly.

Modern consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and will often seek out brands that are environmentally-friendly. There are many ways to be eco-friendly, including using a recycling baler to manage your recycling – these machines from places like recyclingbalers.com can make it quick and easy to increase and manage your recycling, which is crucial for reducing environmental impact.

4. Deals & Promotions.

Every consumer will keep a lookout for a good deal or promotion. This can be a smart way for a startup to lure customers away from the bigger brands, and you should then be able to retain these customers if you can provide a high-quality product/service and excellent customer service.

5. Form A Strategic Alliance.

If you are able to identify a business that is not a direct competitor but has the same target customer as you then it is a smart idea to approach them to form a strategic alliance. This allows you to immediately reach their already established customer base and could help you to attract customers to your business from day one.

6. Host An Event.

Hosting an event like a launch party can also be a way to raise awareness about your brand right from the start. Additionally, being a company that is social and brings people together can help you to develop a positive reputation, which will be so important for both attracting and retaining customers.

This post should give you a few ideas for ways in which you can attract customers to your business from the very start. This is one of the biggest challenges that startups face and is a key contributor to why many startups flop before they have had a chance to succeed. It is challenging, but if you can attract customers straight out of the gate, it can become much easier to attract more customers in time.


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