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What Is A Squeeze Page And How Can It Benefit Your Startup Business


Digital marketing is a world that has, without a doubt, blown up in the last couple of decades. For someone who is trying to use digital marketing as a way to attract more customers to their business, it can seem a lot like learning a whole new language. Even people who have been in marketing all of their lives can have trouble keeping up with the new trends.

That said, a squeeze page is not all that new. It is actually a very close relative of pop-ups. When used correctly, squeeze pages can certainly become an effective way to compliment your marketing strategy.

What Exactly Is A Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page can be classified as a form of a landing page that prompts people visiting the site to fill out a form to give the website owner information. In return, the website will give the person access to something for free. Keep in mind that not all landing pages are squeeze pages. This is because not all landing pages provide the person browsing the web with a way to fill out a form and give the site their information.

With that said, the goal of a squeeze page is now obvious. Being creative in the way you want to get your clients’ information can make all of the difference between being successful or not. Let’s take a look at the benefits your startup business can gain from having a squeeze page:

Follow Up With Your Marketing Efforts.

Ideally, the squeeze page is going to be the driving force to allow you to obtain data from clients so that you can follow up with other marketing efforts. In some cases, companies are going to use squeeze pages to get people to sign up for things like newsletters. In other cases, they can lead clients straight to a page where they are going to be able to purchase or book a service.

For startups, they can literally become the first time that clients will come in contact with your business. Therefore, it is important to set up marketing efforts that will showcase the relevance of your business for potential clients.

Get People More Interested By Offering A Reward For Signing Up.

While certain content marketing strategies can make even a small company feel overly relevant and have people signing up through a squeeze page, you are usually going to want to add a benefit for the people who sign up. This is what a lot of people are going to call a lead magnet.

This can vary depending on the type of business that you are promoting. A lot of businesses will give out free ebooks. These are usually things like shopping guides for products that you conveniently happen to sell. Other people want to take it one step further and actually mail-out samples of their products to the people who are signing up. This can, in turn, generate more interest for your startup business.

If you want to create the perfect strategy, having a full-on click funnel could be a good fit. If you want to know more about how click funnels work, checking out a ClickFunnels review would certainly help as this software can aid in your marketing efforts.      

Create A Focus Group That Can Turn Into Potential Clients.

If your lead magnet is going to be sending samples of your product out to people who signed up, the use of a squeeze page can be a quick and effective way to create your own focus group. Once people agree to sign up and receive the product, they have to commit to giving you their feedback.

This feedback can be used to make your products better down the line. Also, it is a great way to start creating a client base. If you really have faith in your product, you know those who will try it will eventually come back for more. Therefore, these exercises performed through a squeeze page will not only give you client data, but also potentially a client base.

This is the same way that many famous social media giveaways operate. The idea is to give potential clients a sample of what they can expect to obtain from your product. Hopefully, their experience with your product is great and they’d want to continue using your products for years to come.

It Is A Trial And Error Process.

s should be simple enough to be able to have basically anyone sign up. Ideally, when you are creating them, you will use attractive language and colors to get people interested. One of the best things about using squeeze pages for businesses is that you can try until you get it right.

Don’t be afraid to play around with the design and placement of these pages until you are able to obtain the type of results you are looking for! There are ways to get this done without completely hindering your budget. You don’t have to overly invest in each placement until you feel comfortable with the results.