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Tips For Travelling By Train For Business


Some people love travelling by train for business – it gives them a bit of time to themselves to collect their thoughts, and unlike commuting by car, they’re able to work en-route, as well as sit back and relax. Not to mention it’s far better for the environment than sitting in traffic in a car along with the other 62% of the population.

So, with that in mind here are some top tips for travelling by train for business. 

Research the routes.

It might be that there are several routes to your destination of choice, as well as a fast and slow train service. By researching the different routes you might find a cheaper alternative or a time that suits you better. Don’t forget you can travel to and from your destination by different routes and the combination of two single tickets may be cheaper than a return.

Look for deals online.

Many train operators release Advance tickets up to 12 weeks before departure, as well as last minute deals. Signing up to receive emails is a great way of finding out first-hand about any train deals.

Buy tickets in bulk.

If you’re a frequent traveller Carnet tickets offer major savings. Sold in books of 10 tickets, they are valid for a whole year and are available for Standard and First Class.

Use the First Class lounge.

First Class lounges are perfect for those longer train journeys, or if you’re experiencing a delayed train. Not only are they quieter than the main concourse providing you with the perfect working environment, the seats are much comfier too!

Anticipate delays.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with train travel, it’s to anticipate the delays. There’s nothing worse than running late for a meeting and feeling rushed on arrival. Build delays in to your journey and if you arrive on time, you’ll be able to arrive looking poised- perhaps with a coffee in hand!

Reserve seats.

Where possible reserve the seats that best suit your requirements. If you need to do work on the train, reserve a seat with a table. If you’re travelling with a client upgrade to First Class, not only does this look more professional, First Class carriages are often quieter making it much easier to converse.

Use mobile ticketing.

Downloading your tickets on to your mobile not only saves the frantic panic of looking for your them, it has the added benefit of the saving on paper. But don’t forget to invest in a portable charger to ensure your battery doesn’t run out.

Train travel is much underutilised as a way of travelling for business but could provide the perfect antidote to a stressful commute as well as helping to save the planet.

Do you have any tips for travelling by train for business?