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Security Seals Containers: Transport Safety Measures To Keep Products Safe


Container security seals refer to seals applied to containers for goods that are transported in long distances locally or internationally for safe transport. These seals are either made of plastic or metal and may come in bolts and cables.

Transport safety measures should be implemented to ensure that your products are free from damage and remain unharmed or not accessed by unauthorized people. Thus, security seals play a crucial role in ensuring that goods or products reach the consignee in safe and original condition.

Below are some of the transport safety measures to keep your products safe:

Place Security Seals on Restricted Items.

Your products are valuable and delivering them to your customers in their original condition is crucial. Product safety should be your number one priority to meet their expectations and for them to keep ordering your products. That’s why it’s important to place restricted items on security seals containers to keep your cargo safe.

When it comes to proper placement of a security seal, it should be placed on the right door – usually will be opened first –  or on either or both lock rods. The shipper will be able to tell that the container was opened in transit if the seal is broken. The consignee will check the bill of lading to ensure that the security seal numbers match with the containers received.

Here are the recommended places where you should consider installing security seals:

  • Doors
  • Containers
  • Totes
  • Rail cars
  • Storage facilities
  • Trucks
  • Production facilities
  • Food shipping containers

Transport High-Value Goods Using Hybrid Tamper Devices.

Help improve transportation safety and security of high-value goods using hybrid tamper devices from a trusted security seal manufacturer, like SecurT. Using high-security bolt seals and cable seals help protect your high-value loads, such as expensive raw ingredients and finished goods.

Here are the advantages of using security seals:

Improve Delivery System: You’ll be able to improve your company’s delivery system by using security seals because your customers or business partners get to receive your products safely, retaining their structural integrity, quality, and optimum function or purpose.

High Level of Security: Security seals will ensure that your products will be free of tampering attempts from unauthorized persons. This keeps your products unharmed until they reach your consignees.

Durable: Seals are tight and only cable cutters can remove them, keeping your products secured.

Lower Risk of Product Tampering: Bolt seals, truck seals, tamper-evident labels, tap, and seals lower the risk of your products being tampered.

Protection: Using security seals protects the shipper and also the shipping line, eliminating any guesswork, whether a package or container tampered before or after the consignee received it. It helps in clearly identifying who’s the one at fault for a faster and smoother claims process.

Note: Instruct your consignee to contact you if they receive the container or product with a tampered seal. Ask them not to accept any product with a tampered seal. That’s why it’s important to choose a trusted carrier that’ll deliver your goods safely and upholds honesty as one of the company’s core values.

Comply with Government Regulations.

Federal and other government laws oblige the safe and proper transportation of goods. For instance, the Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) of the United States clearly outlines a guideline for proper and safe transportation and distribution of agricultural products, such as egg products, poultry, and meat.

By following the recommended guidelines for safe transportation of goods, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t face harsh legal consequences, and your products reach their final destination safe and secure.

Here are some examples of scenarios and application wherein security seals are highly beneficial in compliance with accepted safe transportation standards:

– Security seals secure liquid drums, truck doors, and your cargo from contamination or tampering in production and in transit.

– Prevent tampering of drums using ring and bolt closure to be fed through the aperture.

– An additional layer of security can be achieved with individual numbering to safeguard cargo against tampering. The common metals used for security seals are aluminum and zinc attached to steel cables.

In the food industry, security seals and tamper-evident tape can help safeguard ingredients and food during manufacturing, storage, inventory of goods, and food transport. Tamper evident tape is useful in protecting pallets from tampering in transportation.


Security seals for containers and other transportation and storage solutions help safeguard your products from tampering. By using security seals and high tamper devices, and complying with transportation regulations, you’re assured that your products get into their destination safe and in their original condition.