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How Robotics Have Changed The Manufacturing Industry


Technology has completely transformed many industries in recent times, but none more so than manufacturing. The rise of robotics has forever changed this industry and made it quicker and easier than ever for companies to mass-produce goods.


This has largely been achieved through the use of automation with robots and machines now being able to handle just about any industrial task with accuracy as precise as 0.02 mm. This means that they are capable of assembling both large and intricate components, such as multilayer ceramic capacitors which are tiny components where complete accuracy is essential.

Packaging  & Palletizing.

In addition to assembly, you will also find that robots can be useful for packaging and palletizing. Loading and unloading can all be handled by robots which can improve efficiency and accuracy in such a key area of the business. Not only this, but when robots can handle this area of the business it can eliminate the need for staff to carry out tedious and potentially dangerous work.

People & Robots.

Many people have warned of the rise of automation and how it can lead to job losses in the future and remove the human element from business. While it is true that robots will replace people in some areas, you will also find that automation and humans can co-exist because it frees up the time for staff to focus on other areas of the business which need a human touch. You will often see people and robots happily working together in the manufacturing industry which is a positive sign for the future.

Machine Tending.

Following on from this, another area of the manufacturing industry which can be handled by robots is machine tending – often considered to be one of the most boring yet also injury-inducing aspects of manufacturing. Using robots to oversee and maintain other machines can keep workers safe while also improving the productivity through increased efficiency in the production line. Improving safety is one of the biggest benefits of automation and robotics in this industry and should be an area which all businesses in this industry look at.

Robotics and automation have completely changed the manufacturing industry and can help a business to succeed in more ways than one. While there have been some reservations about automation, the truth is that people and robots can work together and allows the workforce to focus on other areas and improve safety and efficiency.