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How Conversation Intelligence Is Helping Startup Sales Teams Scale


Conversation intelligence refers to the process of understanding what happens during the communication process that some deals lead to closed and successful deals while others do not. There are also some sales representatives that have higher success rates than others. As a business that’s still starting up, it’s imperative to learn the trade. Knowing the secrets of conversation intelligence will help you stay at par, or even at a better standing than many other companies.

Conversation intelligence helps businesses have a better understanding of customer interaction to improve business directions. And, this is only the beginning. There are many other ways that it helps startup businesses. Some of these are the following:

1. Helps To Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Excellent customer service is always the root of every successful business. This should form a significant bulk of the efforts of your sales team. When customer satisfaction is high, more and more other potential customers will start coming in. Having a conversation intelligence platform gives the power to improve customer satisfaction.

Here are some ways that conversational intelligence can achieve this:

  • It unveils the reality of customer behaviors
  • It understands and records every customer interaction
  • It enables businesses to make customer-related decisions based on data

2. Sets Benchmarks For Excellent Performance. 

Through conversational intelligence, you’re better able to grasp and analyze how the top sellers of your company are successful in making high sales rates. Everything with conversational intelligence is backed by data. This makes it easier for you to leverage the team’s performance level.

This is how conversational intelligence can help your sales team set higher performance standards:

  • It studies how sales representatives progress through the different areas in the sales pipeline
  • It provides an understanding of how your top sellers can achieve this performance level

3. Increases Promotional Activities For The Business.

Promotional activities are essential in reaching sales goals. It’s in this process that your business gets heard. People will know all about your business. Customers are satisfied with companies that employ excellent promotional strategies. As this is what gets them attracted to patronize your goods and services. Having a conversational intelligence system increases positive interaction with your company through your promotional activities.

4. Sets New Hires On Board.

Onboarding refers to the process of establishing a coaching culture in your company. Seasonal hiring is a problem in many companies. And, when this happens, it’s important for new hires to immediately jump on board the business culture. It’s one of the vital points in any sales team. First, it provides a platform for the success of sales representatives. And, it also encourages improvement and collaboration within the whole team.

Setting the company culture is very important to do early on. Through a conversational intelligence system, your new hires are exposed immediately to a broader range of possible scenarios early on. This breaks the detrimental practice of inconsistent training among representatives whereby the sales reps aren’t moving at a united front.

5. Increases Customer Loyalty.

Customer loyalty should be a top goal among all businesses. A strong following makes for a competitive edge against other businesses. When you’ve already garnered a strong following, it’s up to you to strive that your customers stay within your business. When your customers are always leaving you, you still cease to be effective with your business strategies.

Here’s how conversational intelligence improves customer loyalty:

  • It provides a consistent and effective mechanism by which customers stick to the company
  • It studies and considers the channels and means by which customers contact and interact with your business
  • It examines the different interactions that customers have with your company
  • It focuses on the preferences of your company

6. Creates Better Sales Rep Coaching Strategies.

Even after your sales representatives have already been with your company for long, it’s still vital for you to allow your team to undergo constant coaching. That way, they’re able to stay on top of the latest trends in the business industry.

While coaching representatives is an integral part of any business, it’s often a struggle to scale it back to what’s applicable and necessary in today’s time. More so that companies are moving in a fast and competitive industry. Sales representatives also tend to slack on their tasks when their leaders aren’t able to coach them with valuable insights.

With a conversational intelligence system in place, all these are remedied through the following:

  • It provides the most crucial insights on matters that need to be coached on or reviewed on
  • It helps the sales team create better sales activities
  • It increases the social and customer engagement skills of your sales reps


Conversation intelligence should form a significant part of your sales strategies. It’s a brand new tool that helps you achieve better results in your sales efforts. Conversation intelligence insights help improve the overall performance of your sales team. Whether you’re a startup business or one that has been around for many years now, this is one facet of sales for you not to miss out on.