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5 Best Tracking Apps For iPhone


Apple has for a while acclaimed iPhone to be the safest smartphone available. That was true until some firms started developing ways of hacking iPhones. It is impressive how things have changed.

Today, there are multiple tracking apps developed to track iPhones. Some of these apps deliver unmatched value for money. They have made it easy for the ordinary person to track any iPhone with ease.

However, some of the apps are unreliable since they require jailbreaking the target iPhone. Jailbreaking an iPhone leaves the target vulnerable to malicious attacks from viruses.

Besides, the best iPhone track apps don’t even require installation on the target device. They only require to track the target through the iCloud backup. Such apps deliver unmatched stealth during surveillance activities.

Luckily, we have done all the heavy lifting for you to give you the 5 Best track apps for iPhones.

1: Spyic – The most advanced iPhone tracking app.

As one of the most advanced iPhone track apps, Spyic lets you track all areas of the iPhone. The app is trusted by millions of users across the world. It has even gained a reliable reputation from some major media outlets like Forbes.

The app features more than 30 iPhone surveillance features. These let you track virtually all the areas of the target iPhone. What’s more, the app does not require installation on the target iPhone.

Spyic uses the latest technology to track an iPhone via its iCloud backup. For more information on Spyic, check more about best tracking apps.

1.1 What makes Spyic the perfect iPhone track app?

Spyic has a lot of iPhone surveillance features. Below are some of them:

  1. Track conversations and calls.

Spyic can track conversations and calls that happen on the target iPhone. It provides access to iMessages. This gives you access to the complete conversations as if you have the target’s iPhone in your hands.

Also, you can see the log of incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Besides accessing the phone number, you can view the contact details, call timestamp and call duration.

  1. Track contacts.

This app grants you access to the iPhone address book. Spyic will let you know who your target is in frequent contact with. It will even let you track their name, email address, residential information, and other saved details.

  1. Track calendar events and appointments.

Spyic gives you access to your target’s calendar. The app retrieves the information from the Calendar and Notes.

  1. Location surveillance.

The GPS-based location feature on Spyic enables you to track the location of the target iPhone in real-time. The app gives you the pinpoint location on a map to know exactly where your target is.

Also, it gives location history which allows you to know where your target has been. You can also set up the Geofence boundaries and receive notifications when the boundary is crossed.

  1. Track social media apps.

Spyic grants you to track most of the social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and Snapchat. So, the app gives you the freedom to track your target iPhone’s installed social media apps.

  1. Track all media files.

With Spyic, you get access to all media files on the target device. You can see photos, videos, and all media exchanged over social media apps. Moreover, you can view all installed apps.

1.2 Reasons for choosing Spyic.

  1. Web-based tracking.

Spyic is a web-based iPhone track app that lets you access your target online via any web browser. You don’t need physical access to the target device. You can track iPhone without installing the software.

Rather than installing the app, Spyic uses active iCloud credentials of the device to synchronize data from the iCloud backup.

  1. No Jailbreaking required.

Spyic is a No Jailbreak iPhone track app. This means that your target’s iPhone remains protected, the warranty remains valid and eliminates the need for hefty installations.

Unlike most of its competitors, all the iPhone surveillance activities on Spyic can be accessed in a No Jailbreak mode. The app uses the latest technologies to track third-party apps without jailbreaking the target iPhone.

  1. Trusted and Reliable.

This a reliable solution, trusted by millions of users across the globe. Spyic is a completely legit app. It does not contain any malware that disrupts the performance of the target iPhone.

  1. User-friendly.

Spyic has an intuitive and intelligently designed user interface that makes the app user-friendly. The powerful track app can be configured within minutes for the target iPhone in a very simple way.

1.3 Using Spyic to track an iPhone.

It takes a few steps to setup Spyic on the target iPhone before you can start tracking on the target.

Step 1: First, sign up for a Spyic account. To do this, visit the official Spyic website. Also, subscribe to a plan that suits your surveillance needs.

Step 2: Setup the target iPhone. After subscribing to a package that suits you, you will receive an email. Click on the Start Monitoring button to access the Control panel.

Before you can track the iPhone, you will need to provide some details about the target and the iPhone. These include a name, age of the target and choose the phone OS ‘iOS(iCloud)’.

Step 3: Now, provide the iCloud credentials of the target device. Provide the credentials and verify them.

Step 4: Choose the target iPhone you want to track.

Step 5: After successful configuration of the target iPhone, you will be requested to click ‘Start’ button

Step 6: Next, log in to your Spyic dashboard. Here, you will have unlimited access to your target iPhone.

You will be apple to track anything from SMS, social media, location, and virtually all installed apps.

2: Cocospy.

Cocospy is among the best iPhone track apps for iOS devices without jailbreaking the target. Like Spyic, Cocospy is trusted by millions of satisfied customers.

Cocospy has a decent balance of features, performance, and affordability. It is compatible with all versions of iOS. Also, the app is a web-based that allows you to track any iPhone via any web browser.

Besides, you don’t have to install any app on the target iPhone. Like Spyic, it uses iCloud credentials to track the target. The app operates in a manner that is similar to Spyic.

Part 3: Copy9.

Copy9 is well-known for tracking on SMS, Calls, GPS location, Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, BBM, Viber, Skype and more. Simply get access to the target smartphone and install the Copy9 app.

Copy9 offers some advanced surveillance features. However, it is mainly a solution for Android devices. Likely, all advertised features are not available in the Copy9 iOS monitoring solution.

Part 4: Mobistealth.

Another good track app for iPhone is Mobistealth. It provides a lot of features to track the target device. The best thing about Mobistealth is its compatibility with various devices.

The user-interface is quite neat, clean and pleasant on eyes. However, the back and forth switch between the menu options and details is definitely a flaw in the user-interface design.

Keep in mind that the Mobistealth does not provide any information on monitoring features specific to the iPhone. Not all features will not be available on iPhones, so contact support to get a list of iPhone surveillance features.

Part 5: iKeymonitor.

This is a simple phone surveillance app. The app delivers some of the basic surveillance features on Spyic like real-time iPhone location surveillance.

However, to access advanced iPhone surveillance features, you have to jailbreak the target. Also, the monthly subscription is quite expensive for an app that requires technical know-how on the part of the user.


iPhone track apps provide parents and businesses with a convenient way of tracking on their targets. Among the best iPhone track apps, Spyic has stood out as an industry leader.

The best iPhone track apps deliver unmatched convenience in terms of features and ease-of-use. Spyic clearly pushes the right buttons given its outstanding customer approval rating of 96%.


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