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Role Of Social Media In Creating Brand Awareness


There is no doubt about social media being the brand butler of the century. It has paved numerous pathways for merchandisers to base their marketing campaigns on. Social media has become the common space for producers and consumers to share their interests, needs, and yearnings. In one way or another, it has become a huge source of support for producers and just the same for the  consumers too. While the consumer demands, the producer gives. In the same manner, the producer is rewarded in the form of revenue. Now, the main focus of merchandisers is centered upon revenue generating methods that fully aid in establishing their businesses by publicizing them in every part of the world. Without social media, it wasn’t possible for merchandisers to have that broad a reach.

Social media marketing does not cost you a lot. What it mainly requires is smart strategizing to target a specific audience. Sarah Walters, Marketing Manager from The Whit Group notes that “Social media marketing allows you to determine what is trending and identify your followers’ interests. Armed with this information, you can tweak posts to meet followers’ interests, likes and dislikes.”

In the space of social media, you can directly interact with your audience be it for purchasing a product or checking up on faulty service. Social media platforms act as the greatest connector between both sides of the business that one can’t praise enough.

Before we move forward to list all the ways which can assist one with optimizing sales through social media, let’s discuss in depth the resources social media has employed to facilitate brands in revamping their name/image over the years. Given the popularity and free-access to social media, there are approximately 3 billion users around the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are among the most used social media platforms that have provided an avenue for people around the world where they can garner millions-strong following. Imagine if you have a following of 1 Million, it will mean you have access to 1 million people to advertise your product to. But social media does not reward only those retailers that boast a huge following. You too can optimize your campaigns on these forums by spending just a few of your bucks to build and make an audience.

Playing campaigns on social media has become smarter and gets smarter every year. Google itself became one of the contributors as far as promoting your services by asking for strategic SEO services in order to help itself bring specific and useful results to the public. This search directory brings in results from social media sites to give the audience relevant answers to their queries.

Apart from that, it is high time that you learn about the importance of representation and branding. The more impressive the symbolic representation you bring forth, the more appeal it will have. Your audience knows you by your “image”. Take specific notes on image management before you display and market your product out in the world. You would only have to invest initially in this business but once you have laid a strong foundation, the next steps are comparatively simpler.

Following are a few strategies that will help in boosting campaigns on different social media platforms:

Competitive Content.

If your content is not up to the mark, nobody is going to give it attention even if you have mastered SEO techniques. You still have to give your content the priority among all the other measures because quality content could go viral as opposed to the one that is all in all boisterous. Hence, hire smart creativity, not hard work; hire skill, not attitude. These are the factors that contribute to increasing the rank of your content. You have to be aware of your competitors in order to follow the latest trends to catch up with the requirements of your audience. The good thing about online marketing is that it is not as expensive as the other kinds. It requires your constant presence, creative powers, and skills. If you can manage that, you can certainly make a mark in this field by using your abilities. One more thing that you need to keep under your keen consideration is the trends and updates that punctually float in this field.

Create Contests and Feedback.

Before you plan a strategy, make sure you have prepared your audience about what is coming. The main motive is to attract attention. For that, you can ask an intriguing, generic question that tickles the curiosity of your audience. You can even keep a surprise gift as a reward for the one who gives the most interesting answer. Once you engage your audience, it will get quite convenient to convert them from regular visitors to devoted customers.

Bring Credibility and Authenticity.

Nothing attracts the audience more than the vibe of authenticity, honesty, and decency either from the next person or the brand they are going to choose. You don’t have to talk about it, you have to show it through your approach, and your services. The best platform to build trust between you and your audience is social media. It is totally free. All you need to have is a creative idea that strikes a variety of intellect. Your work however does not end there. You have to monitor the quality of your services too. This way you will get good reviews. And if you enable reviews on your page, interested people would come to learn about your services through a credible source.

Offer Free Services to New Customers.

Every once in a month, whenever you run campaigns, plan to add a specific deal that appears to profit the customers. You can post free services or gifts for the new customers or you can bring people to buy your product at discounted pricing within a certain time-frame. You can even offer people some free services upon the purchase of a heavy deal.


You have to ask yourself this question every time you post a content piece on your page: why would people share it? To see the value of your content, you need to look through it and see if it is hilarious, smart, useful, multi-layered and relatable. Content that comprises of these features usually gets the most attention which you can judge by the number of likes, re-tweets, and shares. For example, if you want to sell AT&T and their services, you can come up with ideas like featuring AT&T’s direct tv packages with the internet, governed by each of the attributes stated above. Your content does not have to be self-involved, reserved and coy. It has to be more generic, multifaceted (so that people find a personal aspect to it). If it conveys a strong message, be it trivial or significant, it will receive attention from the audience.

The final word: make sure you know the specialty of every social media forum so that you can use each to the best of its capacity.