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5 Blogger Outreach Strategies To Generate Links & Responses


Blogger outreach is a very simple method to amplify the reach of your brand. A majority of people trust what their favorite blogger says and if you can convince one to vouch for your brand then these people would believe you too. However, blogger outreach is not easy to execute. Any wrong choice can totally crash your marketing plan.

Here we give you 5 strategies that would get you the right links and responses.

Creating great content.

Blogger outreach can be successful only if you provide content that is valuable and entices the customers to proceed ahead with the sale. Even the bloggers do not want to spoil their reputation hence look for content which would be able to attract attention. The competition is tough and there are many brands looking for their support so you have to be exceedingly good to get them to notice you. SEOOutreachers can create content that is relevant and bound to get people to engage. With their careful analysis, they would generate concepts that are engrossing and make sense to the customer who you are targeting.

Identify influencers.

Once you have ensured the quality of your content you must take care that you find out the appropriate influencers to link up with. Find out sites which have similar kind of interests as your brand. For this you might have to do a little bit of Google search. Using a variety of keywords you can search for similar content links. Once you get their details you would have to shortlist only those websites which can make a difference to your marketing campaign. After the list is made further scrutiny and you should be able to reduce it to just those bloggers who are impactful and should be associated with.

Find out influencer touchpoints.

You have found out the influencers now it is the time to find out how you can get in touch with them. Just by sending an email would not get you responses hence look for a better trick. Find out which are the best places where these influencers would be available and let them know that you want to start an association. Read their blogs and comment on them so that they can identify you. You should pass compliments and if possible add your take on the content shared.

Developing a pitch.

Now is the time to pitch your brand to the influencer and that needs to be done subtly. Your pitch should be convincing and have a powerful message that the influencer understands. Tell them directly what you want from this association and what you can give back in return. Do not go about telling stories to make it short so that the influencer grasps your message without much effort. If possible add a personal touch to the same as that shows to the influencer that you are actually interested in taking this up further. Show your confidence and do not make any grammatical errors as that seriously put off any potential influencer.

Follow up.

Despite a focused email or contact it is quite possible you may not get a response. Instead of losing hope you can send a reminder email to know if anything is possible. If you do receive a response try to see if there is anything expected from you. Do they want you to elaborate further or money is a concern? Proceed further with negotiations so that the deal is sealed soon.


Implementing a blogger outreach strategy requires careful planning from your side. Taking care of the above points lets you make an impactful impression on the right audience thus getting you started in the right manner. In the future, this means that the relationship would get you the kind of numbers you always wanted.

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