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7 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest For Your Business


There are 77.4 million Americans that use Pinterest every month. 90% of these users make purchase decisions based on pins made on this platform. Most pins are used to evaluate options and seek inspiration. It has now become a visual wish list for future purchases.

The whopping statistics make Pinterest a viable marketing tool that can equal (or even surpass) the social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram. If you are a business owner, a Pinterest marketing course is what you need to boost sales and get your message across.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that allows users to create their very own mood board for any event or line of interest. Users “pin” or post images on a photo gallery called “pinboards”‘. This platform, which is available both as a website and a mobile app, is heaven-sent for marketers. It is a treasure trove of profiles that reveal the taste and interests of a target market.

A Pinterest marketing course will arm you with the necessary tools to maximize your presence on the internet and drive traffic to your website.

How Can Pinterest Benefit Businesses?

1. Pinterest Drives a Huge Volume of Traffic.

According to research, 5%of referral traffic comes from Pinterest. If the content is share-worthy, it has a higher chance of generating conversions and other actions on a business’ website. When an audience sees pins that catch attention, they are more likely to follow and share your links.

2. Pinterest Has High Browser to Buyer Conversion Rate.

Compared to most social media platforms, Pinterest entails lesser steps from discovery to conversion. Lead and sales generation is faster.

3. Pinterest Shows Emerging Trends.

Pinterest can provide vital information on the latest trends, especially in the fashion, food, and home industry. It generates data on trending products and most sought-after keywords in real-time.

Following your business’ set of followers gives you a preview of what inspires them. It provides valuable insights into their plans and interests. These data are useful in positioning your products and services.

4. Pinterest Links Your Website and Social Media Accounts.

Connectivity is the name of the game. People enjoy being present in social media. By being connected to Twitter and Facebook, users can post new pins so others in their circle can see. It will double or even triple the audience that can view the products.

5. Pinterest has Longer Content Shelf Life.

Other social media channels thrive on feeds, so it is usually a race of who can upload new content first. Pins, on the other hand, remain on the board forever.

6. Pinterest Has High User Engagement.

People thrive on visual stimuli. Since Pinterest is a feast of beautiful images, users tend to stay longer to admire, gather, and post pins. Browsing to well-curated photos is better than scanning tons of words.

7. Pinterest Establishes Brand Authority.

A business may showcase authority by creating a board that provides relevant content for your audience. Users will appreciate the added value while companies can establish credibility by staying on top of the trends and current events.

Pinterest is growing at a steady pace. Now is the perfect time to help people create a life they love and aspire.