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VPN Usage For Geospecific Marketing


Marketing has over the years relied more and more on segmentation. This discipline involves putting individuals into different groups of similarities, and then marketing towards the specific group. In theory, this type of marketing ought to yield more sales, as the content is more specifically designed for the consumer.

But how can a marketer today build the content and the strategy around these groups when the market they are aiming at are based on geographical location? While a digital marketer certainly can research quite a bit online, there is one technique that works even better. Using a VPN for geospecific marketing is a new and rather successful strategy from marketers!

This is How Geospecific Marketing Works.

Geospecific marketing entails researching for information on certain groups of people based on their geographical location. This could be as broad as the North American continent, more specified such as the U.S., narrowed down to a single state, a single city, or maybe even a neighborhood!

The point is that these groups of individuals share a common culture that might be targeted by the marketers. For instance, Americans have different expectations towards prices than Canadians, Californians different expectations towards emotional marketing than Wisconsinites, and so on.

Of course, prices also play a big role in the geospecific marketing. Here, marketers can look at neighborhoods and target those with high value properties with more exclusively products. In essence, geospecific marketing is extremely easy to wrap your mind around. It is simply about knowing the customer.

However, this only gives a general overview of the demographical facts concerning the individuals. But what about how they think and what they search for online? With a VPN, one can get an insight into how people in certain regions think, and what attracts them to complete a purchase.

VPN As a Marketing Segmentation Tool.

The technology behind a VPN was first and foremost designed to keep individuals anonymous and safe while surfing online. Today, there are many good services out there, and with this ExpressVPN review you can get insight into a great service for this and many more needs. VPN usage has expanded far beyond its original intent.

Consumers of the service use it to access geo restricted content for instance, as it is the IP address on the computer that determines whether one gains access to content or not. With this in mind, marketers have realized the manipulation of the IP address through a VPN is perfect for use in marketing segmentation.

For instance, if a company wants to penetrate a new market, it is essential to know how people there think and what words they use. One can therefore connect to a VPN and obtain an IP address that makes it seem as if one is connected to the Internet in a different region. When visiting Google now, the benefits will show.

This is because every website will believe you are in the new country, city, or other region you have connected to. Following, your suggested searches in Google, language used in organic results, targeted ads, and much more will use the lingo of the individuals in that region, making it easier for you to understand what words and expressions they use for instance.

Think Outside the Box With Your Marketing.

As a marketer, the goal for you will be to get a general overview of the customer group in order to target the subject of segmentation. By using the VPN technique, one might get an insight into the type of language people use, what sets their emotions in play, and how the culture plays into the purchasing process.

There are many facets to explore in terms of using a VPN in marketing. The most important aspect of this however is to think outside the box with your marketing. This means challenging the status quo and exploiting new technology. VPN is just one of many new technologies that marketeers must employ in their line of work.

Use a VPN for a Competitive Advantage.

Gaining the competitive advantage is extremely important within marketing. Too many marketers rely on the same old technology. This simply does not work if one wants to convert better than the competition. By using a VPN, one might get insight into information that helps converting customers better than ever.

As one logs onto a different server from a VPN, the user interface will resemble that of the user from this region. In this way, a marketer can get a hold of the lingo used by the customers in this region for instance. The use of a VPN lets a marketer know the customer far beyond the traditional segmentation process!