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Important Ingredients For A Millennial-Friendly Workplace


The workplace setting is changing as millennials take over from baby boomers and look set to become the largest generation of workers. For forward-thinking employers, millennials are an appealing demographic that are often sought after for their fresh thinking ideas and energy.

Therefore, it’s important that your office environment appeals to the younger generation. But how do you make sure your workplace is millennial-friendly? Here are some tips to create the right environment to attract the millennial workforce.

Make communication simple.

Communication is vital for any organisation, but when it comes to millennials, their preferences tend to differ from traditional workplace norms. Since they’ve grown up “connected” with the digital world, then digital methods of communication need to be an option.

Millennials appreciate a collaborative approach to working so offering mediums such as Skype or using the cloud for file sharing facilitates this, allowing group projects and conversations to take place no matter where your workers are located. However, it’s not all about digital – millennials appreciate face-to-face interaction with their colleagues!

Respect work-life balance.

A healthy work-life balance is a priority for millennials. In fact, a study found that 77% of millennials believe that flexible working hours would make the workplace more productive for people their age. Millennials believe productivity should be measured by the output of work performed rather than the amount of hours they’ve worked.

Flexible working hours aren’t the only option you can provide for millennials. You can also offer remote working by letting staff work from home or out of the office. Even creating an open, communal space can create the flexibility millennials want.

Invest in their personal and professional development.

The younger generation are keen to continue learning and receive guidance from their employers to grow in their careers. Millennials want to feel challenged and rewarded in their job, and a lack of this can lead to them seeking employment elsewhere.

Providing free training, offering one-on-one mentoring and regularly scheduling performance reviews are just some of the ways you can show your younger workforce you’re invested in them. Any opportunities you can offer to expand their knowledge and skills will help you to establish a happy workplace for millennials.

Offer health and wellbeing initiatives.

Millennials value their health and wellbeing so it’s important to recognise this as an employer. They are eating healthier, exercising more and consider living healthily as a lifestyle choice rather than a goal-driven diet.

As an employer, you can appeal to millennials by offering different health and wellness schemes. For example, organising exercise clubs that meet regularly, providing free or discounted gym memberships and providing healthy snacks for employees in the canteen.

Create an attractive workspace.

The workplace has moved on from the old-fashioned cubicle style office set up with dull surroundings, poor lighting and uncomfortable furnishings. If you want to create an appealing work environment for millennials then you’ll need to make some changes.

Start by adding inspiring art work or features to your office to engage employees. Allow employees to personalise their desks so they feel a sense of ownership. Why not try redecorating your office space? Office design services from Maris can help you to create an open and inviting workspace that meets the modern needs of the younger generation. You could even create a relaxing outdoor space for your employees – the possibilities are endless!