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6 Tips For A Successful Popup Ad Campaign


Popups work, they definitely do. Still, many digital marketers are not fully convinced of the benefits that popups yield and take a more cautious approach of not using popup banners. They’re more afraid of losing out on already existing visitors and do not give popup banners a try. Popups are like that lousy kid in the family who is always misunderstood. Without even knowing his intention, he is always seen as someone who’ll never bring good to society. 

This is because of the reputation popup banners developed in the early 2000s. Everyone implemented popup banners so much that they did not think twice about the user experience. What they forgot was ‘excess of everything is bad’. Since then, popups are considered unwanted and redundant. What people do not realise is that popups, when used correctly, can be highly beneficial for your business. 

We’ll show you how to use popup ads to create an effective campaign that’ll yield the best results. So what exactly is a good popup?

Characteristics of a good popup:

  • It is catchy enough to catch the reader’s eye at once
  • Contains relevant information
  • Is positioned at the right place
  • Appears at a time when it’s least disturbing 
  • Compels the user to share the required details happily 

Now we’ll tell you about the best practices used to create a good popup, and you can implement them in your eLearning business

1. Relevant message.

A popup should primarily focus on the quality and type of message it is delivering. If it contains information that is not relevant to the user, the whole purpose of creating the popup is defeated. If a user is looking at eLearning courses of his interest and suddenly a popup comes up suggesting him to buy an authoring tool, it will surely not seal the deal.  

2. Use graphics and pictures.

In real life, actions speak louder than words, and in the digital world, pictures speak louder than words. Use images and infographics to explain your motive instead of text. You can also embed videos to your popup for the greater good.

3. Follow a goal-oriented approach.

It is advisable for you to be very clear of the goal of the popup ad, and it should reflect in the popup. Popup banners which focus on creating brand value always have a different feel and message than those focusing on creating more sales.  

4. Create an optimised landing page.

You need to put some extra effort into your popup banner campaign to be successful and yield high results. Getting that click is one part of the story and deriving relevant information/action through it is another. Don’t redirect users to your homepage every time; create an optimised landing page for the campaign for better user experience.

5. Use emotions in the content.

Always add a human side of the content as it is a person at the end of the other computer screen who is seeing your popup. Create popups that involve words like ‘act fast’, ‘ending soon’, etc. People also like to be competitive, and you can use this to your advantage by using words like ‘can you take this challenge?’, ‘Are you ready for this challenge?’. One classic example of this is games using words like ‘99% of people fail, can you succeed’?

6. Address a problem and its solution.

People find popups which address a problem and offer its solution very engaging. They are also easily convinced to perform the desired action as people seek a solution to their problems.


Above mentioned are the few ways in which you can use popup banners to your advantage. You can get a better understanding of eLearning and popup ads with the help of a comprehensive eLearning pop up ads guide.