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How To Plan For A Business Promotional Event


If you plan a promotional event right for your small business, it can guarantee tremendous results. However, the process of planning can be daunting, and it requires you to put in some work. The main objective of such events is to promote your company as a whole. It is also an opportunity for businesses to create new partnerships or launch new products to a new customer segment. Such events also allow you to connect with your direct customers face-to-face, especially if you operate the business strictly online.

Here are a few pointers to help you plan the best event and boost your business to the next level.

1. Set Goals and Budget.

Before getting in the twists of the activities, it is essential to set clear goals for the event. What is it you expect to achieve during and after the event? Once you identify and set goals/expectations for the event, it will be easy to start planning. Another thing to consider is the size of the event to help with allocating a budget. Remember, this is a marketing plan to ensure your business hits its potential. Therefore, ensure your budget does not limit the expectation of the event, as well as strain your business accounts too.

When budgeting, also consider checking on your list of attendees. Although they may not dictate what you should offer, the people you invite have a significant role in what you provide. For instance, if your target attendees are a religious group, it will not be profitable to serve beer in the event.

2. Follow Up the Attendees.

The process of planning and hosting the actual event is costly. It will consume both your time and resources to have the event running. However, the event should be more valuable to your business than the cost of putting it together. Therefore, ensure to have a close relationship with your attendees and keep them as comfortable as possible. Create thank you emails showing your appreciation for their attendance. If possible, send them with flyers and other simple gifts as a way of reminding them of your business. You can as well create an opportunity for them to buy your products during the event as a way of testing your abilities and business operations.

Additionally, you can buy wholesale tote bags; brand them with a custom message to emphasize on your business. This way, when you wrap gifts or products, your attendees will have something to associate with your business long after the event.

3. Promote It in the Right Places.

For your marketing tactics to be successful, you must be willing to do extra to ensure your event is well advertised. Using your target attendee demographics, it will be easy to understand the right places to advertise. Come up with a convenient advertising language that will entice your target group and give them a reason to attend. Highlight specific speakers skills to show your audience there will be more than just looking at your brand. Promote it using your business website, handbills, reminder emails, and banners. Also, use your employees to ensure the word spreads more often.

4. Send Invitations in Advance.

Once you have developed your list of guests, it’s time to start sending those invitations. Inviting guests in advance allows them to plan their schedule and purpose to attend your event. Also, if you expect someone to participate in doing something, you can define their role in the invitation. The last thing you want is to plan for promotional activity and miss getting the target due to late invitations. Additionally, ensure to include an RSVP while sending your cards.


During the planning process, ensure to review your to-do list occasionally. This will guarantee that everything runs smoothly and that the event you are planning is successful. Also, commit to ensuring you complete the list before the actual event to allow you sufficient time to stage your promotion. Leaving so much to do at the last minute will limit your chances of being involved in your party.

Lastly, ensure that all your guests feel represented by the activities you host and their sequence. Don’t overspend your time with a particular group and leave the others hanging or feeling out of place.