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How To Market Your SEO Services


Everyone knows that an internet presence is critical for a business to grow today. So, you would think that selling your SEO services would be a piece of cake. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Marketing your SEO services business can be difficult.

Many businesses, especially those that have limited budgets (like small businesses), need to be convinced that SEO services would lead to more traffic on their website. After all, SEO services are not a tangible product that gives immediate results.

Therefore, the question you need to ask is – how do you go about marketing SEO services?

Ensure Subject Matter Expertise.

It’s no use selling a service if you don’t know enough about it yourself. A client or a prospective client is more willing to pay for your services if you know what you’re talking about.

Educate Your Prospective Client.

The first thing you need to do is educate your target client. Educating your target client means explaining why your SEO services are useful, as well as how it can impact their business.

Remember, the more they know about how SEO works and what goes into creating SEO-focused web pages, the more willing your target would be to pay you for your services.

Be Completely Transparent.

When you are sincere and transparent about what you are doing for your client to get better organic (read: free) rankings, the more they will trust you. It’s okay if your client doesn’t want all the technical details, but you should be prepared to answer all questions for those clients who are more curious about the process you are following.

Added to that, clearly outline what you can and cannot do for your client. It isn’t a good idea to promise your client the world instantly. That is not how excellent SEO services work.

Working on an Existing Website.

If your client already has an existing website, then you need to also clearly communicate what needs to be done to it to make it more SEO-friendly. Delivering means taking the following steps:

  • Auditing the website for SEO-friendliness
  • Creating an exhaustive laundry list of all the things that need to be fixed on the website to make it more SEO-friendly
  • Reviewing and auditing the website’s link profile
  • Assessing the quality of the links that point to the client’s website
  • Updating, altering or changing links that do not work in favor of the client’s website
  • Create a strategy around how you will acquire new links to the website
  • Create a strategy around how unique contents are created for the client’s website
  • Implement all the changes

Remember, the SEO audit has to be a part of the price you quote for the work you will do for your client. It cannot be a separate cost the client has to bear.

Try and Target Companies that are Just Starting to Build their Websites.

Getting involved right at the beginning is critical to the success of the SEO services you are offering. A lot of times, an SEO is called in at the last moment, just before a website is to be launched. Then, when an audit is conducted, significant flaws in the website are detected, which either delays the launch or causes substantial issues in you being able to do your job.

Provide Quality Work with Balanced Prices.

Remember, if you offer low-cost services, it will not justify the amount of work that you will need to put in to make a website SEO-friendly, which would be detrimental to your business. The idea is to help a business grow, not to hurt it by getting that website banned from search engines.