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Admill: The Place That Gives You The Online Overview You Need 


In today’s world, increasingly we see more and more companies competing against each other for our attention. The enormous supply is there, and the power is in the hands of the consumer. This might be an obvious benefit for us, the consumers. At the same time, it creates greater difficulty in finding our way around the marked, actually being able to realize how many firms offer the same products and then contemplating which firm to choose. This is only enhanced by the force of the internet, and the fact that we can Google almost anything today, when we want to and when we need it.

The only struggle is the many hits on Google, and not really wanting to spend too much time looking at all the competing firm to in the end select one. Especially when they at first glance seem so similar. But the funny thing is, they are almost never that similar, because they compete for your attention and your money.

But how do you get that overview you really need in order to choose the right product and company?

Complex markets foster simplistic overviews.

The Danish company Admill has found a solution to this. They state that their primary goal is to help users, i.e. consumers, to make the right decision. They also argue that this can be a challenge in today’s world due to the increased amount of suppliers fighting for your attention. Therefore, they have created an online sphere, or even several. These spheres focus on creating an overview for you. This is done in order for you to select the brand and product that fits your needs and to create a market of increased transparency. No more hiding the important details to the customer. Know what you want, what you need, what you get and more importantly: what you will pay for it. 

How does it look?

Admill has created multiple websites focusing on giving Danish consumers the overview they need. This is for example a website like Tjekbredbaand.dk. Here, viewers get an overview of all suppliers of WI-FI and broadband in Denmark. Through filtering, you get an overview of the firms and products that fit best to your needs. We all know that a fast internet speed can be number one priority for many of us. At the same time, we are some people who only use the internet to do online banking. These two groups do not have the same needs and thus should not have the same broadband supplier. Admill also provides a website called mobilabo.dk, which is similar to tjekbredbaand.dk. The only difference is that new the overview is about phone subscriptions and the different needs you might have in this context, and where you have the possibility to find a subscripting that fits your needs.

Thirdly, Admill provides an overview site called findmåltidskasse. In Denmark it is very common to get meals, recipes and ingredients delivered to the door, only for you to prepare, cook or even just reheat. This is mainly due to our busy lifestyles that barely leaves any room to shop for groceries, find new and interesting recipes and lastly cook them. At the same time, it is a much healthier alternative to the usual fast foods and take away options. If we go back a decade, you would not find many suppliers of these meals. Then the demand increased, which fostered an incredible amount of suppliers. Some focus on seafood, some on vegetarianism and others on a protein based diet for fitness fanatics. In this case it is clear that an overview is needed, and Admill is the one suppling that and many others for many Danes every single day.


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