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7 Fun And Creative Small Business Ideas For Young People


Many young people are under the impression that they need to gain real-world experience before starting a small business. But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are more than 25 million entrepreneurs in the U.S. today — and many of them are young people who are still trying to find their way in the world. Instead of getting so-called “real” jobs, they’re cutting their teeth by building small businesses from the ground up.

Would you like to join them? There are all kinds of creative small business ideas for young people that you can put to the test.

If they work out for you, great! You’ll have found your way to make your mark on the world.

And if they don’t? You can move on to the next big idea and give that a try.

Here are seven fun and creative small business ideas to get you started.

1. Personal Trainer.

Do you love working out? Studies have shown that you’re an anomaly.

Only about 23% of Americans get enough exercise on a regular basis. The other 77% struggle to get the exercise that their bodies need to stay healthy.

You can help those people get their workout routines back on track by offering to train them. Whether you work out of a local gym or take your clients to parks in your area, you can whip them into shape and make a profit while you’re doing it.

You might also want to consider starting your own YouTube channel to show people the right ways to perform different exercises. It can open your business up to people in other parts of the country and world.

2. Online Dating Consultant.

Almost 50 million Americans have tried online dating at this point. But unfortunately, many of them have still struggled to find love despite the fact that there are now more than 8,000 dating websites online.

If you consider yourself an expert when it comes to dating and, more specifically, online dating, you might be able to launch a career as an online dating consultant.

You can show people:

  • Which dating websites to join
  • How to take the perfect photo for a dating site
  • What to put in an online dating profile

There are so many single people who wish they could find love online. You can help them do it once you get your new business up and running.

3. Food Truck Operator.

Breaking into the restaurant business is hard for anyone. But it’s especially hard for young people who don’t have strong business backgrounds. It’s not easy to run a successful restaurant over a long period of time.

Breaking into the food truck industry is easier, which is why you should think about doing it if you’re a young person who loves to cook. You can sling everything from pizzas to tacos out of your truck and earn good money doing it if you know where to sell your food.

The food truck industry has boomed into recent years. It’s worth more than $1 billion at the moment and includes right around 5,000 food trucks.

But there is room for more growth, and you could be a part of it. Find yourself a truck and start selling food out of it if that’s what you love to do.

4. Mobile Car Detailer.

The average new car costs almost $38,000. Therefore, people are taking better care of their cars today than ever before.

They’re having their cars serviced. They’re washing their cars. And they’re even going the extra mile and having their cars detailed to keep them looking newer for longer.

You can help them with the detailing part by becoming a mobile car detailer. You can come out to people’s homes and businesses and detail their cars right there on the spot and make a nice chunk of change doing it.

5. Escape Room Designer.

Five years ago, there were fewer than 25 escape rooms in the country. Today, there are more than 2,000 of them, and that number could continue to climb in the coming years.

If you’re a big fan of escape rooms, you could open your own escape room business. Or you could become an escape room designer and come up with the blueprints for the escape rooms that people love so much.

Take a look at an escape room business like Breakout Games to see what some of the very best escape rooms in the country look like.

6. Coffee Shop Owner.

We know what you’re thinking: Does my city or town need another coffee shop owner?

The answer is yes! You might not think that this is one of the most creative small business ideas. But Americans love their coffee and you can help them get their hands on more of it by opening your own shop.

Almost 55% of Americans admit to drinking at least one cup of coffee each day. Many also drink a whole lot more than that. Your coffee shop can supply them with as much of it as they need and help you share your love for coffee with the world.

7. Social Media Consultant.

Do you refresh your Twitter feed at least once every five minutes? Do you jump on Instagram before you brush your teeth every morning? Do you talk to anyone who will listen about how much you love what TikTok is doing right now?

Chances are, you know everything you need to know to be a social media consultant. Whether that means advising businesses on how to leverage social media or teaching older people how to stay connected to their grandkids on Facebook, you can consult others on how to make the most of all the various social media platforms.

Which of These Creative Small Business Ideas Suit You Best?

Starting a small business from scratch isn’t easy, regardless of how old you are. But it can be one of the most fulfilling things you’ll ever do when you do it right.

Use the creative small business ideas listed here to decide which kind of small business you want to start. You’ll learn so much about the business world when you dive headfirst into it.

Check out our blog for tips on making your new business as successful as it can be.