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What To Consider When Choosing Airport Parking Space For Your Business Travels


Airport parking space is important for anyone planning to use the airport, whether you are picking up or dropping off your business clients or for those planning to travel for personal purposes or business trips. For those in the business world who have to make constant business trips, they understand the importance of securing an airport parking space in advance before the day for the travel. Having everything planned saves you from the last-minute rush. And in most times realize that there are some things that you might have forgotten to pack since you left in a hurry.

Securing your airport parking slot in advance allows you to make your trip to the airport with ease and in no hurry, since you comfortably park your car and board the plane.

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There are different airport parking options that you can choose from.

Short term parking.

In short term parking involves parking near the airport. You leave your automobile close to the airport terminals. You can comfortably park your car at the slot you booked and walk to the airplane. This is possible because short term slots are located close to where the airplanes are. It reduces the hassle for you to cover long distances after parking your car to the point you board your plane. This type of parking is most convenient for people going to the airport for short durations like picking up and dropping off people at the airport. These slots are very convenient but are a bit expensive.

Long term parking.

Also referred to as satellite parking. In long terming parking, you leave your car at the airport for long durations like days up to 7 days. When you are making a business trip, you can consider long term parking since it is convenient. You get to park your car at the airport parking space and leave it for as long as you wish. It is well taken care of. When choosing an airport parking space provider, consider settling for one that has 24 hours surveillance. This ensures that all activities being undertaken in the parking lot are observed. Your car is also in good hands. In case of any issues, the company can easily revert to the CCTV camera recordings and confirm any eventualities. In this, you get cheap airport parking.

If you intend to make a business trip for a week. Long term parking is the best option for you. You can also consider getting to the airport via other means such as using a cab. The cab driver would pay for short term parking. You can also have your company car or a family member drop you off at the airport. This saves you the cost you could have incurred paying for the parking space fees. Settling for a ride to drop you off at the airport also implies that on arriving, you will have to wait for someone to come and pick you up at the airport.

There are key things that you also have to put into consideration when selecting the company to park with:

Company’s name. Different companies offer you airport parking services. Before settling for one, do thorough research on the company and settle for the one with the best reviews. Through reviews from clients who have worked with the company, you can be able to tell if their services are good.

Security. How secure is the company’s parking lot, do they conduct individual check-ups on the cars or they are left unattended to. Go for a company with top-notch surveillance systems.

Quality services. How does the company treat its clients? Do they offer the client value for money or the client would never park with them again? The way a company receives its clients also shows the type of services they offer. Some companies also offer bonuses and rewards to their regular client. Parking with a company regularly shows that the company has great services.

Valet services. Some companies offer valet services. If you will be parking at a far distance from the airplane. You can comfortably drive to where they are boarding the plane. A valet then picks and parks it for you at the slot you had reserved. You are assured you don’t have to park your car then cover a long distance to where you are boarding your plane. Companies offering valet services are convenient for you if you are considering long term parking when making your business travel.

There are different parking options that you can opt for. Consider the above-stated tips when choosing the parking to go for. Depending on the type of business travel you are making, whether short or long. Choose the model that works for you. Based on your set budget for the trip, you can consider cheap airport parking. Gauge and settle for the parking option that will suit you best.