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Broaden Your Horizons With Cheap Travel


No matter your age, nothing builds compassion and experience within the human spirit like travel. Traditionally when we think of taking a peek abroad, the most inhibiting factor is cost and it often clips our wings before we even trying to get off the ground.

But that doesn’t need to be the case.

Technological solutions before you go.

With modern forms of assistance, every step of the way is simple and there are with greater protections and assurance than ever before. Take Flightright for example. This business exists to help flyers enforce their rights when it comes to a variety of issues. Many low-cost travellers rely on Ryanair, for example, an airline whose savings belie its less than stellar reputation. Flightright allows those stung by Ryanair delays and cancellations to overcome issues, with a 99% court success rate.

In terms of general flights, one of the best new options is to use Google Flights to find the cheapest available option. This system collects information from a wide range of different airlines and can connect them easily to ensure timely transfers between layovers. This may mean transferring your own luggage between major airlines, but the savings can be so overwhelming as to render this problem moot.

When it comes to staying in a new country or city, those who have been out of the game should look no further than the modern classics of Booking.com and Airbnb. Effectively replacing the need for traditional and expensive hotels in many cases, these services have offerings for all travellers, no matter your needs or length of stay.

Advanced searches here let you work through all the necessary criteria for your perfect fit. Private room, private bathroom, free wifi, laundry service, proximity to the city centre, guests allowed, any of these options and more are just a click or two away. These systems can also come with enormous savings and bonuses for those who wish to stay for periods upwards of a few weeks.

Low-cost activities once you land.

The final major feature we suggest looking for are the various forms of tourism cards. These are offered in many major cities, like Seoul in Korea and can come in a variety of forms to grant significant bonuses, such as free entries to various attractions and public transportation discounts. If you’re anything like us, your experience in public transport might be underwhelming, but when travelling it can be crucial in getting from A to B at an affordable price.

As with any travel, the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly is to plan well in advance. Both in terms of mitigating stress, and finding the biggest savings, having everything locked in a month or two in advance will add up to a much better experience. The most popular flights and the best accommodation will have other eager travellers like you ready to snap up the opportunities, so keep this in mind.

Whatever your choice for a holiday destination, and whatever you wish to do when there, remember that fantastic holidays aren’t just a possibility for the rich and settled. The modern age is one of better connectivity than ever before, and you too can use this to broaden your horizons.