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Benefits Of Using ePOS Systems For Start-Ups


If you are managing a start-up company, you may have noticed that running it on a daily basis is not so easy. There are so many things you need to do and it is normal for you or for one of your employees to make some mistakes. This is, after all, a new business and you’re all trying to be more organized and efficient. However, some errors could be eliminated and make the system work better. This is where the ePOS systems come in.

ePOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale system. It has replaced traditional systems on securing cash from customers and processing transactions that involve money. You can read more here about how an EPOS system works, and below are the benefits of using this system:

Human error is significantly reduced.

Everybody makes mistakes. However, when you are dealing with money every single day and you make mistakes quite often, this will cost your company a lot of money. A simple mistake as miscalculating is already a big deal. This always happens when there are promotions and you need to give discounts or when you give a special price when a buyer buys by bulk.

When you are using an EPOS, you can simply log products and apply discounts or bulk prices using a software that comes with the system. All of your cashiers will see the same pricing on their computer.

Great customer experience.

People have become impatient when it comes to purchasing products because of so many different reasons. This is why most online businesses need to improve their website loading speed if they want to retain customers. This is the same thing if you have a physical store. When customers go inside your store and see that there’s a long line, they will find another store in order to buy what they need. These customers could just be on their lunch break and need to get back to work, or they need to hurry home because they have children to take care of. Whatever the reason, you need to do something about that long line.

Having an EPOS system takes care of that. A store that does its transactions fast and efficiently often have happy customers, and these customers will visit the store regularly. An ePOS system will also help your staff see with just a few clicks on their computer if products are still available or not. Customers do not have to wait for someone to check the inventory manually.

Having said that, an ePOS system can also help with stock control. Whenever a product is bought, the system updates and you can see how many items are left. Inventory is much easier as the system tells you which products the company is low on. Your staff will know which products to order weekly or monthly without having to count manually.

Earn more.

If your systems are efficient and fast, this simply follows that you will earn more in a day. More customers served means more products sold. However, when your systems are slow and serve fewer customers in a day, you also earn less.

Get accurate reports.

When you are using an automated system such as an EPOS, you can get your hands on accurate ePOS reports. You can see daily, weekly, and monthly sales. You will also have information on which products are top-sellers. Doing manual inventory and making analyses take a lot of time and effort. If this has to be done after work hours, you will need to pay your staff for overtime work. The EPOS system can generate these reports for you within minutes, and it can be used for your marketing campaign.

When you know which products are top-sellers, you will know which ones need to be marketed some more in order to generate more sales and boost profits.

Efficient staff management.

The latest ePOS systems also integrates staff management. Start-ups may not have employed an accountant in the early stages of its operations. With ePOS systems, you will have accurate data on how many hours a personnel has worked and can easily compute his or her pay. This way, your staff is ensured of accurate payment.


Advanced technology has made the lives of many business owners easier. The daily operations in a store can take up a lot of time and it is easy to make mistakes. However, if you can avoid mistakes that involve money, it would be beneficial to the company as a whole. Not only will your staff be relieved of the stress of making mistakes when they receive payment, but it will certainly make them more efficient and productive.