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3 IT Essentials Every Startup Needs


If you’ve launched a startup or are planning to launch a startup, chances are you already have a pretty good sense of what it takes to get a business off the ground. In any industry, launching a company is a huge undertaking, and business owners need to find the tools, strategies, and services that will help them grow their startup into a huge success.

In our increasingly tech-driven world, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is how to handle your startup’s IT needs. If you choose to go with a managed service provider, make sure they’re prepared to deliver all of the essentials your growing business will need, like:

  • Cutting-edge flash storage solutions
  • Comprehensive IT roadmapping
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Flash Storage Solutions.

For startups, staying ahead of the competition is all about efficiency. Without efficient technology, your business will struggle just to keep up with others in the industry. Luckily, IT service providers can get you up to speed with customized flash storage solutions.

All-flash storage is significantly faster than mechanical disk storage options, and they’re designed to support a wide variety of functions. That means that no matter what your startup’s storage needs are — from server virtualization to analytics — flash storage can help you meet them.

Don’t let outdated storage solutions slow your startup down. Invest in an IT provider that has expertise in flash storage.

IT Roadmapping.

Technology is always changing. Just think about it – the phone in your pocket, even if you just bought it a few months ago, probably isn’t the hottest on the market anymore. Technology evolves every day, and your IT provider should be prepared to keep your company up to speed.

When an IT company develops an IT roadmap with your startup, they are defining a strategy to support your company with the latest technology today and continue updating it into the future.

Where will technology go from here? It’s difficult to tell. Be prepared for anything when you choose an IT provider that specializes in IT roadmapping.

Backup and Disaster Recovery.

If your personal computer has ever crashed, you know just how disastrous a hardware or software malfunction can be. Now imagine if that happened to your startup — yikes, right? 

Don’t let unexpected technical failures, security breaches, or even simple human error derail your business. Find an IT provider that does more than simply backup your files to an external server — find an IT provider that can help your startup roll out a complete disaster recovery plan.

No matter how hard we try to prevent it, sometimes data loss happens. Be prepared for your worst case scenario with regular backups and a complete disaster recovery plan.

Finding the right IT services company is an important process. Make sure your startups IT provider can cover all of your essential IT needs.

Launching a company is challenging, but with the right technical support, you can set your startup on a path towards success. What IT services are a must for your startup? Let us know in the comments!


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