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How The Right Suit Accessories Can Help Men Succeed In Business


For any businessman who wishes to project self-assurance and strength, it will always be the right suit and accessories that help him get there. People are often judged on their appearance within a matter of seconds, and whether this is fair or not isn’t so important; the fact is that men should still wear an outfit that makes them feel powerful in the business world. For most, this is a typical two-piece suit, preferably one that’s been tailored to your body shape so that it doesn’t sit too baggy or tight.

However, the suit is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to demonstrating your knack for style and increasing your confidence level at the same time. From leading a team meeting to pitching to a new client or even just going about your day to day office tasks, the right suit and accessories can help you triumph in your business life. When you’re dressed to the nines, you look and feel great, which means you’ll have no problem overcoming any obstacle thrown at you during the day.

Necktie or bowtie.

A crisp white or light blue shirt is usually the go-to option when pairing with your suit, but if you think you’re just going to button it up and call it a day, then you’re dead wrong. A necktie is the preferred choice for men when they wish to complete the look, but the bowtie has been steadily rising in popularity of late. For either option, a plain pattern like stripes or polka dots is a good choice, but a basic color like green, red, or even gray will all suit you down to the ground. Avoid bright colors, as muted, dark selections work much better and aren’t as harsh on the eyes! Funky designs are best left for functions outside of work.

Pocket square.

Some men might think that the pocket square is a bit superfluous when it comes to business accessories: it’s just a piece of cloth that rests in your breast pocket, right? Well, with that mentality, every accessory on this list would be superfluous! The pocket square adds a bit of extra flair to a section of your suit that would otherwise remain blank. If you choose a pattern that’s similar or complementary to your tie, then you’ve got a fun and attractive combination to be marveled. Pocket squares can add just a small touch that makes a big change to your suit.

Dress watch.

If you need to check the time, then don’t you dare pull out your phone! A luxury dress watch isn’t just practical, but it’s an accessory where you can really demonstrate how seriously you take your style in the workplace. A gold and diamond-encrusted watch that takes up way too much room on your wrist has no place in the office for businessmen. Rather, choose something that’s subtle, modern, and commands a quiet respect. Swatch timepieces have all the craftsmanship that you’d expect from a Swiss watchmaker, but the price tags are actually decent, which means you can probably own several for different days of the week. This is especially true when looking online at websites with special deals.


The choice of what cufflinks to wear is often one of the most agonizing choices that a man can consider when dressing for the day! Cufflinks can be as simple or elaborate as you desire, but the main thing to think about is something that matches your personality. Novelty options, like Batman or Superman logos, can be a fun selection if you don’t mind being a bit playful. However, most men will opt for a plain square, diamond, or circular design in silver. These are obviously a lot more stylish and daring than buttons, so make sure you see what possibilities are on offer.

Tie clip.

Finally, the one accessory that does way more than you think. Obviously unnecessary if you have a bowtie, a tie clip will keep your tie straight and unwrinkled throughout the day, plus, the designs can be fun and adventurous. Gold bars, silver arrows, or even a contemporary sword design: you’ve got many options when it comes to tie clips and you should find a style which matches your personality, much like the cufflinks.


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