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What Is Geofencing?: What You Need To Know About Geofencing Marketing


Out of the population that uses location-based services, 80% want location-based alerts. That’s why it’s important to know the answer to the question, “What is geofencing?”

Industries like retail and hospitality use geofencing. But geofencing is also useful for marketing purposes.

You, too, can attract more local consumers with less effort. Your business deserves that extra cash.

Here’s what you should know about geofence marketing:

What Is Geofencing?

What is a geofence? It’s a virtual boundary that surrounds a geographic area. Geofencing technology uses GPS, RFID, cellular data, or Wi-Fi to define these limits.

Geofencing alerts local consumers about sales at your business. Whenever someone enters the area, they’ll receive an alert, text message, or advertisement. This includes social media advertisements and notifications.

With geofencing, you’ll know whenever someone enters or exits the area. But in order for geofencing to work, a mobile device user must have their location services turned on.

Geo fencing companies are experts at using the data they collect. That’s why hiring a geofencing company is a smart business decision.

Crush The Competition.

Use geofencing against your competitors: Surround competing businesses with geofences and voila! You can tell consumers that your business offers a better deal.

Online businesses can also use geofencing marketing. Create geofences around brick and mortar businesses in your field.

Then consumers will immediately learn about your online business.  Make sure your alerts focus on how your online store has better deals.

Target The Right Audiences.

Geofencing lets you target exact audiences. The smaller your geofence is, the more exact your audience will be.

Raising geofences helps you collect relevant information about local consumers. You can use this data to improve your business strategy.

Marketing At Lightning Speed.

Geofencing markets your business quicker than other forms of marketing.

In traditional marketing, people can only see your advertisements in physical locations.

Geofencing targets consumers on a digital, hyper-local basis via mobile phones. This lets you spread the word about your business faster than usual.

Brand Benefits.

Whenever someone receives an alert about your business, they learn about your brand. This increases brand awareness.

The notifications will nudge people to choose your brand over others in the area. This creates a positive brand relationship with the consumer.

If someone passes through your geofence often, they’ll keep seeing your alerts. Eventually, this will lead to more brand recognition.

Advertising your best deals is also good for your brand image. People will think of your business as a brand that cares about its customers.

Create The Best Customer Journey Ever.

According to 86% of senior marketers, a cohesive customer experience is necessary. So what is geofencing? It’s a marketing strategy that helps the customer’s journey flow better.

Geofencing gives you insight into how long people stay in your area. It also helps you track the ROI of any coupons you offer.

Give your brand a boost and read more business advice. Your customers will thank you for it.

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